2,000 People Hospitalized From Food Poisoning In Maharashtra

More than 2,000 people suffered from food poisoning after eating food at a religious event held at Koshtwadi village in Nanded, Maharashtra.

 An official stated on Wednesday that the people of the village and neighboring Sawargaon, Postwadi, Risangaon, and Maski villages gathered for a religious speech.

However, other people later experienced similar problems, and 870 patients were admitted to different hospitals, including the Shankarrao Chavan Government Medical College, the official added.

The forensic department has taken samples of the patients for an investigation, the official said.

Five teams were assigned to the impacted villages to conduct a survey.

According to the official, a rapid response team has also been assembled to look into the situation.

Complaints of vomiting and loose motions surfaced among the attendees during the early hours of Wednesday, prompting initial medical attention.