Shri Rama Navami is a very famous festival of the Hindu religion. Rama Navami celebrates the birth of Vishnu in his 7th avatar of Rama.

 The festival falls exactly on the 9th day of the bright half of the Chaitra Maasa – the first month of Hindu calendar.

Devotees of Rama, on this day, visit Ram mandirs to offer pujas and some others clean and decorate their house and offer the puja there itself.

The day is also observed by fasts, the recitation of Ramayana, charity lunches, narration of Ramayana, bhajana and keertana singing.

Rama Navami also specifies the triumph of the positivity/good over the vicious. It also signifies the establishment of dharma (justice) to defeat Adharma (injustice).

This is Bhadrachalam in Telangana, Rama Navami is celebrated very grandly here and this temple is often visited by 100s of devotees during the festival.

Hindus from all over the world do not miss the celebrations of this festival. No matter in which country they are, they always find a way to be a part of the celebration.

This is an image of the ISCON temple in London.