Recent talks of AI replacing many jobs has blown internet.

It might sound true becoz For any kind of information, we are now going to CHAT GPT, OPEN AI, QUILL BOT.

But what about  writers? Is it effecting them??     Yes, definitely .

Content writing plays a major role in many platforms. And now, the discovery of AI has outsmarted the original talent.

Expressing that concern ,the Writers of Guild America took a strike for the first time  in 15 years.

The major problem for writers is the pay. They always tend to be paid less. Last 10 years, they were paid for maximum salary of 30% and now with 50%.

If AI replaces all these questions about streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime and HBO max, may be in future people starts saying ,Is it AI movie or Human movie.

This AI is making to save money and studios to get profits and maximize labour costs.. What are your thoughts?