In presence of hiS Birthday, Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar jayanti also known as Bhim Jayanti or Bhim rao Jayanti will be celebrated on 14 th april,Friday this year.

Dr. B.R.Ambedhkar was born on April 14th , 1891 in Mhow town which is now officially called Ambedkar nagar in Madhya pradesh.

He obtained his degree in Economics and political science from University and Bombay.

He awarded Doctor of science in Economics from University of London in 1917.

With his scholarship, He studied postgraduate education at Columbia University in New York city.He passed with his M.A subjects of Sociology,

Then He got into thesis and received PH.D degree in Economics at columbia University, 1927.He was the first Indian to pursue a doctorate in economics abroad.

He started many protests with britishes for Negroes when he studied abroad. He even struggled for Human rights and was the principal architect of the Constituion of India.

Ambedkar was decided to launch vital movements against untouchability. He started a satyagraha movement to fight for the untouchability to drink water from main tank in town and even enter into Hindu temples but brahmins were refused for this movement.

Ambedkar said in 1935 that He was born as a Hindu but not to die as a Hindu. He even said Hinduism is an oppressive religion .Later, He converted to Buddhism before he passed away.

Chaitya Bhoomi is a place for Ambedkar followers visit millions of people on his death anniversary i.e on Decemeber 6th.