Barbie Box Office Triumph: Margot Robbie-starring film earns $1B+, surpasses Dark Knight; Greta Gerwig breaks gender barriers.

Record-Breaking Run: Barbie outshines Oppenheimer, becomes Warner Bros.' top-grossing film; global and domestic milestones achieved.

2023 Leader: Leads 2023's domestic earnings; eyes Super Mario Bros. Movie's global record; Greta Gerwig highest-grossing female director.

Greta Gerwig's Impact: Gerwig's success, gender barrier breakthrough, Robbie's earnings highlight Barbie's achievements.

Financial Success: Margot Robbie to earn $50M; film's unique storytelling, Gerwig's direction contribute to monumental success.

Cinematic Milestone: Barbie becomes iconic in short time, reshapes film industry; Gerwig to adapt Narnia for Netflix.

Unprecedented Triumph: Barbie storms movie world, surpasses records; Robbie, Gerwig key contributors; a milestone in film history.