In Bihar, a 200-meter section of a bridge across the Ganga that was still being built fell on Sunday, little over a year after a similar occurrence involving the same bridge.

Beginning in 2014, work on the 3.1-kilometer-long bridge linking Aguani in the Khagaria district with Sultangunj in Bhagalpur was planned to be finished in 2019. Since then, the deadline has been postponed four times.

SP Singla Constructions Private Limited spent Rs. 1710 crore building the bridge. On April 30 of last year, it had also fallen, raising questions about how it was built.

The Bihar Government claimed that the crumbled portion was torn down on purpose because experts had pointed up architectural problems in the building.

According to Circle Office Mr. Kumar, one guard went missing following the dismantling of the Bihar Bridge.

After the bridge fell, Nitish Kumar, the chief minister of Bihar, remarked, "The bridge that collapsed yesterday also collapsed last year. I've told the authorities to act decisively. The reason it keeps collapsing is because it is not being built properly. The department will investigate it and take appropriate action.