During these busy days , people neglect skin care and which is most important to maintain. Here In a short clip, I'll suggest you in easy ways which are affortable to buy and use.

Cleansing is the first step in any skin care routine for removing dirt, makeup and excess oil from skin.It can help to prevent clogged pores for a good looking and glowing skin.Use it morning and evening for best results .From my personal choice, Use Cetaphil cleanser.

Toner helps you to remove dirt which sometimes stucked in pores. Using it daily for best resultswhich helps to tighten your skin pores. Simple is the best product for sensitive skin people . definitely i would recommend.

Treat your face with face serum. It can help you to reduce the fine lines and wrinkles mainly dark spots.For best results Ue it morning and night. At morning I recommend, Minimalist Vitamin C serum.

Moisturizer works as a skin barrier from climate conditions and environment damage. Its of your choice using any moisturizer. Any moisturizer works. From my personal choice, I would suggest Aveeno.

To protect your skin from Uv rays, sunscreen is the main important factor in skin care. Generally it should be spf 50 and +. Apply it 15 min before going out.Generally, I recommend Neutrogena sunscreen but it is of whitecast which appers on screen but better results.

Coming to Night care, Follow the same phenomena and steps and add using eye cream if you have Dark circles.

"Eat, sleep,skincare,repeat".