Gyanvapi Mosque: The Southern Cellar's Goddess Worship Begins

The Gyanvapi Mosque, located in Varanasi, has recently been in the news as the worship of deities inside its southern cellar has begun.

The Gyanvapi Mosque complex has historical value alongside its religious significance.

Gyanvapi Mosque is believed to have been built by Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb in the 17th century, on the site where the original Kashi Vishwanath Temple stood.

The mosque has been a subject of contention between Hindus and Muslims for many years, with both communities claiming ownership of the land.

In Varanasi, afterward to the Kashi Vishwanath Temple, is the Gyanvapi Mosque, which is additionally known as the Gyanvapi Masjid.

It is believed that the original Kashi Vishwanath Temple, which stood on the same site, was one of the holiest Hindu temples in India.

The Gyanvapi Mosque issue is not just a local matter; it has garnered national attention and sparked debates about religious tolerance and communal harmony.

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