Himachal Tragedy: Unprecedented rains cause 71 deaths, ₹7,500 Cr damage; landslides, education disruption, urgent aid sought.

Economic Blow: ₹7,500 Cr loss, 1,762 houses destroyed, 8,952 damaged; region seeks national calamity declaration.

Landslide Threat: 113 landslides, constant danger; joint efforts for relocations, safety by authorities, citizens, forces.

Education Impact: Schools, colleges shut; Himachal Univ. closed until Aug 19; challenges in Shimla due to landslides.

Monsoon Surprises: Rainfall surpasses expectations; 742mm recorded against 730mm average; historic devastation, lasting impact.

Resilience Amidst Tragedy: Region's resilience evident; focus on saving lives, relief, and rebuilding efforts.

Appeal for Help: Himachal's plea for national calamity status; urgent need for resources, support to recover.