PM Modi at G20: Corruption harms marginalized; distorts resources, markets; diminishes life quality; warned against greed's blinding effect.

Modi invoked Tagore, Upanishads; urged ethical values, discussed Kautilya's teachings for citizen welfare and accountability.

India's anti-corruption measures: tech-driven transparency, benefit transfers; GeM transparency, Economic Offenders Act asset recovery success.

G20 unity: Tracing assets, non-conviction-based confiscation for global impact; emphasized stronger collaboration, addressing root causes of corruption.

Modi stressed audit institutions' role; urged fortifying ethical governance, legal structures for a just, sustainable society.

Addressing G20, Modi's commitment to fighting corruption via ethical governance, transparency, and collective international efforts highlighted.

PM Modi's G20 speech emphasized corruption's harm, ethical values, and collaborative measures, projecting a united fight against corruption's root causes.