Everyone’s hair care routine is different according to their needs and texture.

But what’s  so unique about Reverse Hair Washing? Does it give results?   you gonna try!!

Okay Let’s talk about Normal which is traditional Hair washing

We normally wet our hair, apply shampoo on Scalp, rinse thoroughly and apply Conditioner or mask at the ends. This is the normal process for Hair washing.

So what is Reverse hair washing!!


1.Wet your hair 2.Apply Conditioner or Hair mask at the ends 3.Leave for about 10 min. 4.Rinse your hair with cool water 5.Then apply Shampoo on the scalp and rinse it off.

This is easy right!!

You’ll notice many changes with your hair

1. Makes your hair shiny, bounvy and voluminious. 2. Helps to avoid hair oilness. 3. Helps to treat Hair fall problems. 4. Helps to reduce the shampoo content.


To be honest, there are no side effects on Reverse hair washing. You can use this technique even on dry hair. This saves your time.