Rice, a global staple, has diverse varieties. Chiru returns in "Bholaa Shankar," directed by Meher Ramesh

Chiru's charisma, Keerthy Suresh's acting, Mahati Swara Sagar's music standout. Pacing issues affect first half.

Brown rice offers fiber, nutrients, gut support. White rice's high glycemic index is a concern.

Moderation and balanced choices recommended by Dr. Vijay Mohan, Karishma Chawla. Timing and pairings enhance benefits.

Chawla advises brown or red rice for gut, blood sugar, hormone balance. Optimal portions for health.

Diverse rice recipes add flair to health. Tailor choices for individual needs, health, and satisfaction.

Balance rice choices for health and satisfaction, whether for nutrients or convenience. Individual needs should guide decisions.