Students – mental health – suicide – IIT Madras.

 Sachin Kumar a student of IIT madras was found dead in his rental residence on 31 March 2023.

Sachin’s death was declared as a suicide as he was found hanging in his rental residence in Velachery, Tamil Nadu.

 Sachin belonged to West Bengal and was doing his Ph.D. at IIT Madras.

With Sachin’s death, the suicide toll in the past 45 days in IIT Madras raised to 3.

The previous suicide IIT madras witnessed was on March 14, it was of Vaipu Pushpak Sree Sai.

Pushpak also took his life by hanging himself and was just 20, doing his Btech 3rd year in IIT Madras.

Students of the institute are demanding a considerate move to take care of their mental health.

Get help if in need and lend a hand if you see anyone in need. Mental illness is no less than physical illness, so please consider.