Surdas who belongs to 16 th century was a blind Hindu poet and singer.

He was a krishna devotee and love to write poems on Lord Krishna.

His birthday is celebrated as Surdas Jayanthi which is on 5 th day of vaishaka month.

At the age of 6, he left his home because of his poor family ignorance and later he met vallabacharya and became his disciple.

Under Vallabhaarchya guidance, He learned Hindu sculptures and many more

The book “Sur Sagar” belongs to Surdas. He mainly focused to write on Krishna and Radha lovestory. He even included epsiodes of Ramayana and Mahabratha.

Sur’s also composed the Sur Saravali and Sahithya Lahari. He was a part of the Bhakti movement.

He described 24 incarnations of lord Krishna with the legends of lord Dhruva and Prahlada.

Sahithya Lahari consists of 118 verses of Bhakti(devotion).

He was blind from his childhood but he’s love on Lord Krishna and the poems which he glorified, made us remember through decades.