The deadliest earthquakes to ever strike Turkey and Syria on Monday claimed almost 21,000 lives.

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Time is of the essence as the death toll from the terrible earthquakes in Turkey and Syria rises.

In both Turkey and Syria, there were close to 90,000 got injuries.

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According to the World Health Organization, survivors may encounter additional difficulties as a result of the bitter weather and snow.

The death toll from the catastrophic earthquakes has not decreased after five days.

According to opposition leader of the People's Republican Party Kemal Kilicdaroglu, the government has not made any earthquake preparations in 20 years.

In order to support the search and rescue operations and to provide medical relief, 6,479 people from 56 different countries have arrived in Turkiye.

In the worst natural disaster ever, Turkiye was shaken by two earthquakes, the first measuring magnitude 7.7 and the second 7.6.