• The Word Samsung represent three stars which represents something powerful. • It’s one of the largest businesses in Korea, producing nearly 1/5th of the country’s total exports mainly on electronics, heavy industry, construction, and defense. • Other business include Advertising,entertainment and insurance.

1938 - 1960

• An amount of 30,000 INR, Lee Byung-chul started Samsung a trading company in a city called Taegu in 1938. • The company sold dried Korean fish and vegetables and its own noodles. • Then the company grew in 1967 and started exploring in textiles.

1960 - 1980

• In 1960’s , Samsung entered into electronics industry • Samsung Electronic Devices. • Samsung Electro-Mechanics • Samsung Coring • Samsung semiconductors & Telecommunications

1980 - 2000

• In early 1980’s, Samsung expanded to Newyork, Germany and Portugal. • In 1987, Lee Byung-chul passed away and his son came into existence.

2000 - Present

• Samsung entered the phone market with SPH-1300, an early touch-screen prototype released in 2001. • In 2011, Samsung released Galaxy S II. • In 2012, galaxy S III which is the most popular smartphones. • And many more inventions till now 2023. • Samsung also said they gonna hire 40,000 people.