The Golden Buddha, officially called as Phra Phuttha Maha Suwanna Patimakon is a gold statue.

The statue is 3 metres tall and weight 5.5 tonnes.

Located in the temple of Wat traimit, Bangkok, Thailand.

Its orgin was unknown.It was made in the Sukhothai Dynasty of 13th – 14 th century.

It is shaped like a egg.

The Buddha is shown in the traditional Bhumisparsha Mudra position.

Before it was with glass and covered over 200 years.

During the 1955 relocation of the statue, it was plastered over and the gold statue was released.

On 14 th  February 2010, The temple Wat Traimit was inaugurated with the golden statue.

The building contains Bangkok Chinatown Heritage and an exhibition of the origin of the Gold Buddha.

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