From people making trends on Tiktok to – Tiktok becoming the trending topic in news, it was Tiktok’s rough journey.

What is tiktok? Why is it everywhere on news? Is it banned? How many countries banned tiktok? Why did they ban it? Here are the answers!

TikTok is a video hosting service. And is owned by Byte Dance, that is a Beijing based technology.

European Union in addition to 9 other countries banned TikTok which made it the trending topic.

Primary blame on TikTok is that the app collects personal data of the users like names, phone numbers, location and passwords.


In 2017 a law was passed in China, National Intelligence Law, this law states that the country may make it mandatory for companies to share the collected information.

Now looking at the data collection by TikTok and the law passed by China made people question the app security. And thus there arose a controversy.

India was the first to imply a ban on TikTok and other Chinese apps in 2020 after the Galwan Valley Incident where Chinese and Indian troops got engaged in a clash.

UK, US, Belgium, Denmark, Pakistan, Taiwan, Afghanistan, New Zealand and the European Union also implied ban on TikTok in all government devices.