We all know , India is a diversified country and it is vast expanding now.

It is Connected with many countries like of USA, UK and Ukraine .

In particular , to talk about Ukraine :

We gave much support to them from our side and what we got in return was worst.

A tweet from Ukraine’s Ministry of defence went viral on social media, but in a wrong way.

The tweet which was posted on April 30 th, representing Hindu Goddess Kaali changed with a fume made Indians anger.

Representing Hindu goddess with blue skin colour, tongue sticking out pose and skulls around the neck.

It’s not about the art they made or picture anything else, It’s about we worship Hindu Kaali Matha.

This picture is of ignorance and insensitivity.

Users of Indians gave massive reactions for this tweet.

We really need a strong apology for this.

Finally, Netizens concluded “Respecting all religions should be  a superior thing “.