Title itself is something interesting right? Does really Video games makes Good surgeons.

We heard of video games are of relaxation, fun and time to pass. But is this helpful for Doctors? Let’s check out

Researches found that doctors who spent atleast 3 hours a week on playing video games made 37% less mistakes in Laparoscopic surgery.

Okay what do you mean by Laparoscopic Surgery ? Using a tiny camera and instruments controlled by joysticks outside the body -It is performed on just any part of the body. From an appendix to the colon and gall bladder

The surgery involves making tiny keyhole incisions, inserting a mini video camera that send images to video screen.

Surgeons can now practice through video stimulations.

Roosser , the surgeon said that the skill needed for laparoscopic surgery is “like tying your shoelaces with 3-foot-long chopsticks.

Each doctor completed three video game tasks that tested such factors as reaction time, motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Researches found that good video skills translated into surgical tricks for doctors that made their work easier.