What is ugaadi

The word Ugadi comes from two Sanskrit words “yuga” which means “age” or “era” and “adi” which means “beginning”. Ugadi implies that “It starts with a New Era”.

Ugadi is a big festival celebrated in some parts of India, particularly in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Karnataka.

We all consider ugadi as the Telugu New year in Hindu Calendar. It usually comes in late march or early April depending on the positioning of the moon.

The festival is celebrated with different rituals and traditions, cleaning and decorating homes, wearing new clothes, and doing pooja ceremonies.

 Ugadi is also known for predicting the future by looking at the pachanga, a calendar for the astrological events for the upcoming year.

SCIENCE BEHIND UGADI PACHADI Ugadi pachadi drives away the infections from the body and this will give enough stamina and immunity and keeps healthy for the whole year.

 Ugadi marks the beginning of summer in India. The tree starts blooming with fruits and flowers mainly, our national fruit of India which is known as the mango. Nightingales starts cooing with their adorable voice and the atmosphere turns out to be pleasant on this day.

In telugu, the traditional greetings for ugaadi are kroththa yeta, ugadi panduga palukarimpalu or ugadi subhakanshalu.

 TV BHARAT and their team wish you a HAPPY UGADI. Hope you lead happy, healthy, and prosperous life.