Let me know who are all interested in Paintings?

In our childhood days, we used to do painting when boredom stucks. So Here’s we’ll  get to know, “HOW PAINTINGS MADE A WORLD ART DAY AHEAD”.

True Inspiration for us was “LEONARDO DA VINCI” and his paintings.

The IAA organization initiated a proposal to declare April 15 th,2012 as World Art day.

The sponsors were Bedri Bakyam of Turkey, and it was co-signed by Rosa Maria Burillo of Mexico and many of them. 

Finally, the United Nations accepted this proposal.

To honour LEONARDO DA VINCI , his birthday was declared as World Art day by UNESCO.

Leonardo was chosen as a symbol of peace, freedom , tolerance , brotherhood and multiculturaism as well as art’s importance.

It is also commemorated to honour the Monalisa painter and Leonardo Da Vinci.

It is celebrated to encourage the awareness of the artistic expressions.

World Art day has also been supported online, specifically by “Google Art project”.