Escalating Concern: Surging e-cigarette and drug use among school kids prompts urgent action by parents, schools, and police, as cases jump 28% in 2023.

Addictive Peril: Addictive nature of substances raises alarms; understanding allure crucial to prevention, while dependency leads to harmful actions.

School Accountability: Some parents blame schools for neglecting safety, prioritizing grades; collaborative efforts aim to educate and protect students.

Police Vigilance: Recent e-cigarette seller arrests highlight law enforcement's role; joint awareness campaigns with schools and parents key to success

Regional Roots: Substances traced to networks spanning areas like Kolkata, Uttar Pradesh, and Jharkhand, warranting coordinated disruption.

Future Impact: Dr. Veerender underscores long-term consequences of drug use, urges proactive measures to prevent negative outcomes.

United Defense: Parents, experts, schools, and police unite to shield youth, create safer surroundings against e-cigarettes and drugs.