It is a disorder where oxygen-carrying proteins in blood -i.e Haemoglobin gets lesser than normal.

This leads to weakness and slow growth.

This day is to create awareness about Thalassaemia and its possible treatment options.

This is why we celebrate World Thalassaemia Day every year on May 8th.

Panos Engelzos, the founder of Thalassaemia created this day in 1994.

For Thalassaemia Children, they have a risk of multi-nutrient deficiency.

There is no proper medicine or diet to cure this disease.

A healthy proper diet is much needed to manage Thalassaemia.

Best foods to have :

Iron intake foods – like Cereals, Red Meat

Folic acid – Green leafy vegetables, lentils ,whole grains.

Calcium and Vitamin D – Dairy products, nuts and seeds.