Civic Polls in Delhi: After falling behind in postal votes, AAP Cites "Fear," BJP Cites "Nitpicking"

Civic Polls in Delhi: After falling behind in postal votes, AAP Cites “Fear,” BJP Cites “Nitpicking”

Civic Polls in Delhi: After falling behind in postal votes, AAP Cites “Fear,” BJP Cites “Nitpicking”

AAP Party Office In Delhi

Early trends in Delhi civic body vote-count showed a close race with the incumbent BJP very much in the fight, contrary to AAP victory predictions.

The AAP claimed that government employees, whose postal ballots were counted inside the first hour, may have voted for the BJP “in terror” because early trends in the Delhi civic body vote-count indicated a close race. The BJP described the accusation as “simply an alibi.”

According to prominent AAP activist Saurabh Bharadwaj, “government personnel are scared of what might happen if the authorities open their postal ballots before the count and discover who they voted for.” “Consequently, the government typically benefits from the early trend following the postal ballot count (BJP ruling in MCD and at Centre). The moment the EVMs are unlocked, a clear shift will be apparent.”

“We are optimistic that we will pass at least 180 votes,” he continued, “given that Delhi’s inhabitants want the BJP to quit the MCD” (in a House of 250).They were prepared when the administration delayed the poll in April. But the public has already made a decision.”

Shehzad Poonawalla, a BJP spokesperson, was “I don’t want to get into such nitpicking and creating excuses, he responded to the “fear” claim. They begin blaming the electoral process as soon as they begin to lose.”

He claimed that even after 15 years of uninterrupted reign in the MCD, the BJP appears to have maintained its vote share. “We’ll watch. We shall accept the decision no matter what with complete humility.”

Following the morning’s early trends, the AAP met in a huddle at Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s house. Senior leader Raghav Chadha and his deputy Manish Sisodia were present.

Despite shifting patterns, balloons and joyful posters were prepared at the AAP office in Delhi while voting continued.

Arvind Kejriwal was depicted on posters at the AAP headquarters in Delhi, with his hands clasped in appreciation and a Hindi slogan reading, “Kejriwal in the MCD too.”

These are the first local elections since the MCD was reunified and the wards were redrew after it was split into three roughly ten years earlier. The BJP’s most recent term concluded early this year. There are more over 1,300 candidates competing.

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