clash with security forces in Jammu results in the deaths of 3 terrorists

clash with security forces in Jammu results in the deaths of 3 terrorists

clash with security forces in Jammu results in the deaths of 3 terrorists

In the clash that broke out on the Panjtirthi-Sidhra route in Jammu on Wednesday morning around 7.30am, three terrorists were killed.

At 7.30am in Jammu, an encounter between the security forces and two to three terrorists broke out on the Panjtirthi-Sidhra route. As a result, further reinforcement was dispatched to the scene and three terrorists were killed. There was a grenade explosion, and then there was a firefight.

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According to additional director general of police Mukesh Singh, the truck driver ran away from the scene. We followed a truck after noticing its strange movement. When the vehicle came to a stop in Jammu at Sidhra, the driver was able to escape. Terrorists were hiding inside the vehicle when it was searched, and they opened fire on the staff. It was fired in retaliation, Singh said.

Residents who woke up to the sounds of five to six grenade bursts followed by a frenzied exchange of gunfire were the ones to initially describe the incident.

The police prevented a significant terror plot on Monday by disarming an IED that had been found in the Udhampur area of Jammu and Kashmir and weighed 15 kilos. This led to the confrontation that day. Officials reported that they also found one letter pad page and one coded sheet from the outlawed terrorist group Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), and that a suspect had been captured.

The police station in Basantgarh has received a case, and further investigation is ongoing, according to the officials.

In a statement, the police said that they had found “IED-like material weighing around 15 kg in a cylindrical shape, 300-400 grammes of RDX, seven cartridges of 7.6 mm, five detonators, one coded sheet, and one letter pad page of banned terrorist organisation LET in Basantgarh area of District Udhampur, and one suspect has also been detained.”

One AK-47 rifle, one AK-56 rifle, four AK series magazines, live rounds, RDX powder, nails and ball bearings, 9-volt batteries, detonators, IED mechanism circuit, remote control, loose wire, and iron pipes were found and two active LeT terrorists and two associates, including a woman, were apprehended in a joint operation by Jammu and Kashmir police and security forces in November at Bandipora in Jammu and Kashmir.

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