"Israel pulls negotiators from Qatar following Hamas' rejection of truce agreement."

“Israel pulls negotiators from Qatar following Hamas’ rejection of truce agreement.”

“Israel pulls negotiators from Qatar following Hamas’ rejection of truce agreement.”

“The delegation, headed by Mossad chief David Barnea, had been in Doha for a duration of eight days before the withdrawal from Qatar.”

Tel Aviv: Israel has made the decision to recall its negotiating team from Qatar following Hamas’ rejection of the latest offer regarding a hostage deal and truce, confirmed an Israeli official.

The delegation, led by Mossad chief David Barnea, had been in Doha for a span of eight days, engaging in discussions aimed at reaching a resolution with Hamas.

Israel’s stance remains firm, with the government stating its unwillingness to concede to many of the demands presented by the mediators, which include Qatar and Egypt on behalf of Hamas.

Sources within the Israel defense ministry have indicated that Hamas reiterated its demand for a complete ceasefire, the withdrawal of Israeli troops, and the rehabilitation of Palestinians in northern Gaza. These Palestinians have been residing in the southern region as refugees since the outbreak of the conflict.

Hamas’ insistence on these terms has posed a challenge to the negotiation process, leading Israel to recall its delegation from Qatar.

The situation underscores the ongoing complexities in reaching a lasting resolution to the conflict between Israel and Hamas. With differing demands and entrenched positions on both sides, the path to a comprehensive agreement remains elusive.

Israel’s withdrawal of its negotiating team from Qatar signifies the current impasse in talks, highlighting the deep-rooted issues that continue to fuel tensions in the region. The fate of the negotiations and the potential for future dialogue now rest on the willingness of both parties to reconsider their positions and engage in meaningful discussions towards a viable solution.

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared on Tuesday night that Hamas’ rejection of a US-brokered compromise for a permanent ceasefire signifies their lack of interest in further talks. Netanyahu emphasized that Israel will not yield to what he termed as “delusional demands” from Hamas, highlighting the damage caused by the UN Security Council resolution.

The hawks within the Israeli establishment, notably Defence Minister Yoav Gallant, have expressed reluctance towards even considering a temporary truce with Hamas. This stance is rooted in military intelligence reports indicating a significant weakening of Hamas’ military infrastructure. According to these reports, only four battalions remain in southern Gaza, leading to the belief that it is merely a matter of time before Hamas capitulates.

Further insight into the situation was provided by the IDF chief, who briefed the Israel war cabinet on the imminent possibility of defeating Hamas. The objective includes targeting their elusive and feared leader, Yahya Sinwar, who is viewed as the mastermind behind the October 7, 2023 massacre.

Sources within the Israel defence ministry, speaking to IANS, revealed Hamas’ strategy of attempting to prolong the situation, potentially expecting an escalation of violence in the West Bank area by Hezbollah. This move, if materialized before the conclusion of the Holy Ramzan month, could exert international pressure on Israel to engage in mediation efforts.

The firm stance against a truce, as advocated by Gallant and echoed by the IDF chief’s briefing, reflects a belief within the Israeli establishment that military actions have effectively weakened Hamas.

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