Kejriwal set to appear in Delhi court today for ongoing case.

Kejriwal set to appear in Delhi court today for ongoing case.

Kejriwal set to appear in Delhi court today for ongoing case.

Arvind Kejriwal, the Delhi Chief Minister, will go to a Delhi court today. He has been in jail with the Enforcement Directorate (ED) looking into a case about money related to the excise policy.

The Delhi High Court will also hear a case today. It is a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) asking for Kejriwal to be removed as the Chief Minister of Delhi.

Kejriwal will be in the Rouse Avenue Court after his time with the Enforcement Directorate (ED) ends. This comes as a big case about money and corruption with Delhi’s excise policy is going on.

The Chief Minister’s wife, Sunita, said that on March 28 in court, Kejriwal will tell everything about the case. She said that the ED did many raids for the “liquor scam” but found nothing. Kejriwal wants to show proof and tell where the money is.

The ED arrested Kejriwal on March 21 for a money laundering case linked to the excise policy.

The Delhi High Court gave a notice to the ED on Wednesday. It was about a request by Kejriwal saying his arrest was wrong. But the High Court didn’t give any immediate help.

Atishi, from the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), talked to ANI about the High Court’s notice to the ED. She said, “The High Court said something very important today.” She added that the AAP and others have been saying Kejriwal’s arrest is not right.

People are talking a lot about the arrest of the Chief Minister. Some think it’s because of politics, to hurt Kejriwal and the AAP.

While the case goes on, the AAP and others say the arrest is unfair and not right. They think it’s to stop them and target them.

People are watching the High Court closely to see what they say about Kejriwal’s arrest. The court’s notice to the ED is a big step, showing they’re looking at the reasons for the arrest.

This case is showing how Indian politics can be complicated. It’s about law, politics, and what’s fair. We’ll have to see what happens in court and what it means for Kejriwal and Delhi’s politics.

The High Court thinks it could be unfair and not right,” said Atishi from the AAP.

She said, “The High Court asked the ED why they arrested Kejriwal. They think it could be to change the elections and how democracy works. We’re happy the High Court is taking this seriously.”

The court also said the ED should answer to be fair. The next court date is on April 3. The court said if they let Kejriwal out of jail now, it’s like giving him bail. The Constitution says Article 226 is not for bail, so the court has to be careful.

While all this is going on, the AAP is getting ready for protests in Delhi. The INDIA group also plans a big rally at Ram Leela Maidan on March 31 against Kejriwal’s arrest.

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