More than half of Hyderabad's TSRTC buses redirected to Medaram.

More than half of Hyderabad’s TSRTC buses redirected to Medaram.

More than half of Hyderabad’s TSRTC buses redirected to Medaram.

TSRTC announced that 1,800 out of Hyderabad’s 2,600 buses would assist the festival, guaranteeing convenient travel for participants.

Two weeks ago, the Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) announced ambitious plans to bolster transportation services for Asia’s largest tribal festival, the Medaram Jathara, scheduled from February 18 to 24. In a recent update, TSRTC disclosed that out of Hyderabad’s 2,600 service buses, a substantial 1,800 would be dedicated to the festival, ensuring smooth travel arrangements for attendees.

This move comes in anticipation of the massive influx of devotees expected to participate in the Jathara, estimated to be around 30 lakh. To effectively manage this surge in visitors, TSRTC has strategically deployed a significant portion of its bus fleet. Moreover, recognizing the need for diverse transportation options, special train services have been arranged during the festival period, facilitating access from various districts across Telangana.

To further enhance accessibility and cater to varying preferences, the Tourism Department has introduced helicopter services operated by Thumbi Aviation of Bengaluru, commencing from February 17. These helicopter services offer a VIP darshan package priced at Rs. 28,999 per person, encompassing round-trip transportation and an exclusive aerial view of the fair. Additionally, an aerial fair view package is available for Rs. 4,800 per individual, providing an alternative perspective of the festival grounds.

The Medaram Jathara holds immense cultural and religious significance, drawing devotees from far and wide to witness and partake in the festivities. As one of the largest gatherings of its kind in Asia, meticulous planning and coordination are essential to ensure the smooth conduct of the event and the comfort of attendees.

The proactive measures undertaken by TSRTC, including the deployment of a significant number of buses, exemplify the commitment to facilitating seamless transportation for pilgrims. By dedicating a substantial portion of the service buses to Medaram, TSRTC aims to alleviate potential transportation challenges and enhance the overall experience for festival-goers.

Furthermore, the introduction of special train services underscores the importance of providing multiple transportation options to accommodate the diverse needs of attendees. These train services offer convenient access to the festival site from various districts within Telangana, enabling devotees to travel comfortably and efficiently.

The inclusion of helicopter services adds a touch of luxury and convenience for those seeking an alternative mode of transportation. With VIP darshan packages and aerial fair view options, these services cater to individuals looking to enhance their Medaram experience with a unique and memorable journey.

Overall, the concerted efforts of TSRTC, coupled with the initiatives by the Tourism Department, reflect a proactive approach to ensuring the success of the Medaram Jathara. By prioritizing transportation infrastructure and offering diverse travel options, authorities aim to facilitate a seamless and enjoyable experience for all participants, further enhancing the significance and allure of this iconic festival.

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