National Farmer's Day 2022: Why is December 23 designated as Farmer's Day or Kisan Diwas?

National Farmer’s Day 2022: Why is December 23 designated as Farmer’s Day or Kisan Diwas?

National Farmer’s Day 2022: Why is December 23 designated as Farmer’s Day or Kisan Diwas?

On December 23, we celebrate National Farmer’s Day to honor their sacrifices and support them in raising their level of living.

National Farmers Day in India is also known as Kisan Divas. Farmer’s Day is marked annually on December 23, the date of Choudhary Charan Singh’s birth, the fifth Prime Minister of India.

Why do we celebrate National Farmers Day?

India is a country based on agriculture. Every responsible farmer is honored on this day for their services to society. Farmers are a key component of rural prosperity in India and the backbone of its economy.

The majority of India’s rural population, which makes up almost 50% of the total population and represents 20% of the nation’s GDP, depends on agriculture for a living. India is a country of villages and agriculture, thus the tenth Indian government chose to declare Choudhary Charan Singh‘s birth day as Kisan Diwas in 2001 to recognise his contributions to the agricultural sector and the welfare of farmers.

The 23rd of December has since been recognised as National Farmers’ Day. Various awareness programmes and efforts are held nationwide on this day to increase awareness of the importance of farmers and their contribution to the economy.

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National Farmer’s Day

What will National Farmer’s Day in 2022 mean?

National Farmers Day is held to recognise the dedication and sacrifice of farmers. It is also believed to raise public awareness of the importance of preserving farmers’ social and economic well-being. The government concentrates on providing farmers with the most recent agricultural knowledge on this day to help them increase their produce.

Referring to Chaudhary Charan Singh

Chaudhary Charan Singh served as India’s fifth prime minister and is best known for his work to better the lives of farmers across the country. He was a pioneer in the field of agriculture and proposed a variety of initiatives to help many Indian farmers. He was born to a Jat couple in Noorpur in 1902.

Chaudhary Charan Singh relentlessly worked for the improvement of farmers during his brief tenure as the country’s prime minister. Singh also authored other novels during the course of his life, including:

  • He oversaw the creation and completion of the Debt Redemption Bill 1939. The legislation was intended to safeguard villagers from predatory lenders.
  • In 1952, while acting as the nation’s minister of agriculture, he led the UP in its efforts to overturn the Zamindari system.
  • He proposed the Land Holding Act of 1960, which sought to reduce the cap on land holdings and harmonise it throughout the State.
  • On December 23, 1978, he established the Kisan Trust, a nonpartisan, for-profit company. The trust’s goal was to cultivate a sense of belonging and an anti-injustice attitude among India’s rural residents.

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