Muslims understand Congress, INDIA bloc using them as pawns: PM Modi.

PM Modi alleges Muslims being used as pawns by Congress, INDIA bloc.

PM Modi alleges Muslims being used as pawns by Congress, INDIA bloc.

The prime minister warned that by exploiting religion, they risk dividing the country once more.

In a rally held in Sitapur, Prime Minister Narendra Modi made several significant statements regarding the political landscape and communal dynamics in India, particularly focusing on the role of Muslims, the Congress-INDIA bloc, and his government’s policies. Breakdown of Prime Minister’s points.:

  1. Muslims’ Perception of Congress and INDIA Bloc:
  • Modi asserted that Muslims are now realizing that the Congress and the INDIA bloc are using them as pawns, especially after witnessing the development initiatives undertaken by the BJP.
  1. BJP’s Inclusivity:
  • He highlighted that the BJP has welcomed individuals from diverse socio-economic backgrounds, including the poor and those from marginalized communities such as SC, ST, and OBCs.
  1. Beneficiaries of Government Schemes:
  • Modi emphasized that Muslims have benefited from various government schemes, including the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana and the Ujjwala Yojana, without facing discrimination.
  1. Concerns Regarding Religion-Based Reservation:
  • The Prime Minister criticized the Congress and INDIA bloc’s proposal for religion-based reservation, warning that such policies could lead to further division within the country.
  1. Opposition’s Alleged Vote-Bank Politics:
  • He accused the opposition of resorting to appeasement politics and manipulating religious sentiments to secure votes, particularly targeting the SP and Congress leadership.
  1. Article 370 Abrogation:
  • Modi defended the abrogation of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir, portraying it as a step towards national integration and equality.
  1. Ethanol Production and Agriculture Policies:
  • He highlighted his government’s efforts to promote ethanol production, particularly to benefit sugarcane farmers, and criticized previous administrations for neglecting their welfare.
  1. Terrorism and Law Enforcement:
  • Modi criticized the previous UPA government for allegedly failing to effectively tackle terrorism and accused the SP government in Uttar Pradesh of compromising national security by appeasing terrorists.
  1. Allegations of Terrorist Appeasement:
  • He claimed that the SP government in Uttar Pradesh had compromised national security by appeasing terrorists, citing instances where terror suspects were released and cases withdrawn.
  1. Election Campaign Promises:
    • Modi questioned the opposition’s intentions, suggesting that they might reverse or hinder ongoing development projects and welfare schemes if elected to power.
  2. Election Dynamics in Sitapur:
    • The Prime Minister addressed the local political dynamics in Sitapur, rallying support for BJP candidate Rekha Verma against her rivals from the SP and BSP.
  3. Appeal to Voters:
    • Modi concluded by appealing to voters to support the BJP in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, highlighting the party’s commitment to inclusive development and national security.

In his address, Prime Minister Modi sought to consolidate support for the BJP by portraying his government as inclusive, development-oriented, and committed to national security, while criticizing the opposition for alleged appeasement politics and divisive tactics.

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