PM Responds to Opposition in Rajya Sabha With "Ek Akela Kitno Ko Bhaari"

PM Responds to Opposition in Rajya Sabha With “Ek Akela Kitno Ko Bhaari”

PM Responds to Opposition in Rajya Sabha With “Ek Akela Kitno Ko Bhaari”

Congress, according to Prime Minister Modi, is only concerned in short-term fixes and vote-bank politics.

On Thursday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a scathing attack on the Congress and other opposition parties that have been focusing on him, saying that “one person is proving too much for so many” and that the more mud the BJP’s opposition parties raise, the more their symbol of the lotus will blossom.

During the debate on the motion of thanks to the President’s Address, PM Modi, who was constantly heckled by the opposition in the Rajya Sabha, took potshots at the Nehru-Gandhi family, claiming that he had read that over 600 schemes were named after them. He questioned why members of their generation didn’t continue using the surname Nehru and what the “fear and shame” was.

PM Modi said that the Congress had blatantly overused Article 356 and that former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had used it 50 times to overthrow non-Congress governments. Opposition parties had accused the federal government of engaging in political retaliation against non-BJP state governments.

PM Responds to Opposition in Rajya Sabha With "Ek Akela Kitno Ko Bhaari"
PM Responds to Opposition in Rajya Sabha With “Ek Akela Kitno Ko Bhaari”

Additionally, he attacked Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge, who had levelled numerous criticisms of the government in the Hindenburg-Adani controversy, and claimed that he was complaining about defeat although his constituents had elected him out after benefiting from government programmes.

The prime minister charged Congress with playing for keeps, engaging in vote-bank tactics, and lacking a desire to find long-term solutions to issues.

While some opposition parties pledged to reinstate the previous pension system and make other pledges, PM Modi warned states against economic irresponsibility and recalled how some nations were experiencing great financial hardship.

According to him, during Amrit Kaal the administration has set the goal of reaching saturation levels in all programmes to benefit everyone.

According to PM Modi, the government’s goal is to empower the people and offer long-term solutions to the issues they face.

For the purpose of constructing a modern India, “we realise the need of infrastructure, scale, and speed,” he declared.

PM Modi discussed the government’s programmes and activities for various groups, including farmers, women, and tribal people.

The Nehru-Gandhi family received criticism from PM Modi for a number of programmes and locations bearing their members’ names, and he questioned “why people from their generation don’t keep Nehru as their surname.”

“The titles of government programmes and the use of Sanskrit terms in the names caused some people issues. I read in an article that the Gandhi-Nehru family was the beneficiary of 600 government programmes. What is the fear and guilt that prevents people from their generation from keeping Nehru as their last name? “asked he.

The opposition parties were allegedly engaging in political games and seeking for a way to save face, according to the prime minister.

“The nation is watching as one person (the leader) shows that they are too much for so many people (ek akela kitno ko bhari pad raha hai). They have to change even to chant slogans (in turns). For more than an hour, I have been speaking in unison in response to their voices “stated PM Modi.

“Because of my conviction, this is. I exist for the nation. I’m on a mission to help the nation. Politicians that engage in games lack that bravery. They are seeking a means of self-preservation “Added he.

The prime minister declared that his administration supports cooperative federalism.

“We are charged with disturbing the states. I’ve held the position of chief minister for a while. I am aware of what federalism means. Federalism that is cooperative and competitive has been emphasised. Our strategies have taken into account both regional goals and national progress. Those who are currently in opposition had interfered with state rights, “added PM Modi.

Throughout PM Modi’s speech, the opposition’s chants calling for a joint parliamentary committee investigation into the Hindenburg-Adani controversy persisted.

PM Modi claimed the Congress frequently violated Article 356.

“Which party and those in positions of authority most frequently violated Article 356 in the past? Who were the people behind the 90 overthrows of elected governments? A Prime Minister by the name of Indira Gandhi scored fifty goals by using Article 356. In Kerala, a communist government was elected, but it was overthrown because Pandit Nehru didn’t like it “he stated.

“Congress supporters ousted veteran regimes like those of MGR and Karunanidhi in Tamil Nadu as well. Also overthrown was the government of Sharad Pawar. Assaults against NTR’s government occurred while he was receiving treatment in the US, as we have seen. This was the political maturity of Congress. Every regional leader was worried by them “Added he.

The country is formed through the bravery and sweat of the ordinary man, according to PM Modi, who was frequently applauded by BJP members. It is not “any family’s property.”

“Some individuals will have to realise that this nation, which has been around for centuries, was built on the bravery and sweat of the average man. This nation is not a family’s possession. We gave Major Dhyan Chand the honorary title of Khel Ratna. The Andaman Islands were given Netaji’s name by us. We are happy. We named islands after the Param Vir Chakra awardees since there are people who never miss an occasion to disparage the Army. This is our commitment. You can see that you have issues with it,” said he.

PM Modi made fun of the opposition’s claims about unemployment by saying that they were coming up with lectures from those who didn’t know the difference between a job and employment.

“There was also talk about employment. I find it surprising that people who profess to have spent the most time in public life are unaware of the distinction between employment and a job. Preach to us those who don’t know the difference. Talking about incomplete ideas to develop new narratives is an attempt to disseminate misinformation, “explained PM Modi. He discussed the efforts his administration was making to promote green growth.

“New opportunities have emerged in new areas over the last nine years as a result of the economy’s growth. The prospects for green occupations are expanding as the nation moves closer to a green economy. The service sector in digital India has reached a new height. The 90,000 registered startups have created new employment opportunities as well.

Aatmanirbhar Bharat Yojana has provided benefits to more than 60 lakh new employees. Through this Yojana, we have opened a number of sectors “he stated. He also discussed the growth of start-ups and self-reliance in the defence industry.

“For the nation to succeed, the defence industry must become Aatmanirbhar. I’m happy that the Aatmanirbharta mission in the defence industry has moved forward. The private sector has attracted more than 350 businesses to the defence industry. In the defence industry, the nation exports goods worth close to one trillion rupees.

In this area as well, employment has increased by unprecedented amounts. Every industry, from retail to tourism, has expanded “said he.

“People from around the world put pressure on us to buy their vaccine; articles were written and TV interviews were conducted. Attempts to disparage our scientists continued up until yesterday, but they created vaccinations that were approved and helped 150 countries, ” PM Modi said.

PM attacked the opposition with poetry. “Keechad uske pas hai, mere pas gulal…jo bhi jiske pas tha usne diya uchaal,” said the speaker.

“The more “keechad” (muck) you hurl at us, the more the lotus will bloom, I want to tell the opposition MPs. Because of this, you all play an equally important role in causing the lotus to bloom “explained he.

Speaking of development measures, he claimed that in the previous 3–4 years, about 11 crore homes have access to running water.

“We created the Jan Dhan account campaign to empower regular people. 48 crore Jan Dhan accounts have been opened in the last nine years nationwide. However, you are venting your fury here because the public keeps “deleting” your accounts “he added

Mr. Kharge was the target of a jab from PM Modi “When I go to Kalaburagi, Kharge Ji complains that he can’t perceive the progress being made there. More than 1.70 crore Jan Dhan bank accounts, including more than 8 lakh accounts in Kalaburagi, have been opened in Karnataka. I can appreciate the hurt when so many people gain power while someone’s account is closed.” He criticised Congress for doing little for decades and criticised its “Gareebi Hatao” slogan.

“We put a lot of effort into fulfilling the hopes and aspirations of the nation’s citizens. Ensuring that the benefits of various government programmes reach all qualified recipients is true secularism “added he.

The administration has designated 110 aspiration districts across the nation, PM Modi further emphasised.

“Due to constant focus and performance evaluation, these districts’ health, infrastructure, and education have all improved. More than three crore tribal people have benefited from this “Added he. PM Modi warned states against choosing a “wrong path” in terms of their finances. The comments follow certain opposition parties’ defiance of professional advice and reverting to an antiquated pension plan.

Today, those who don’t comprehend the nation’s economic policies, who only think about politics constantly, and who only regard the role of public life as participating in power struggles have turned economic policies into disastrous ones, he claimed.

“In the name of the House, I wish to admonish the opposition to visit their respective states and urge them to stay off the wrong course. You can check how our neighbouring nations are doing. How recklessly taking out loans caused entire nations to drown Some states have resorted to claiming the instant rewards. They will be destroyed by this, and the nation will be destroyed by them,” said the prime minister.

He acknowledged that there are political divisions between the parties and pleaded with them not to meddle with the nation’s economic stability.

“Political and ideological disagreements may exist, and parties may have a few grievances against one another, but don’t tamper with the nation’s economic stability. Don’t engage in an act of sin that revokes your children’s rights,” said he.

The Prime Minister stated that, in contrast to prior periods, his government’s goal is to empower the people and offer them long-term answers.

While the government had historically been tasked with finding solutions to the issues of the populace, according to him, their objectives and motivations had changed.

The prime minister used the issue of water as an illustration and said that rather than using band-aid solutions, a comprehensive integrated strategy that included building infrastructure, governing water use, monitoring water quality, conserving water, and developing new irrigation techniques had been implemented.

In terms of financial inclusion, DBT via Jan Dhan Aadhar Mobile, and infrastructure planning and implementation via PM Gatishakti Masterplan, he added that such approaches had produced long-lasting solutions.

He stressed that the country’s working culture has changed as a result of the power of technology, and that the government is working to accelerate and expand it.

The administration has achieved saturation in the Azadi Ka Amrit Kaal, the prime minister said, which is an important milestone. He reaffirmed the government’s efforts to ensure that all beneficiaries in the nation receive their payments in full.

We are aiming to strengthen their hands because “small farmers are the backbone of India’s agriculture sector,” the prime minister added.

According to the prime minister, small farmers have been abandoned for a very long time. The Prime Minister also went into detail about the initiatives the government has done to empower women, ensure their dignity, and make life easier for them at every stage of their lives in India.

The Prime Minister referred to the terrible incidents when some people tried to let down India’s scientists, inventors, and vaccine producers and said, “With the expertise of our scientists and innovators, India is becoming a pharma hub of the globe.”

Through initiatives like the Atal Innovation Mission and Tinkering Lab, the prime minister discussed cultivating a scientific mindset. He praised the scientists and young people for making the most of the chances the government had provided them with and for launching their own satellites. “We’ve been successful, and we’re leveraging technology to empower regular people,” he claimed.

“The nation continues to dominate the world in digital transactions today. In the present day, the success of Digital India has captured the attention of the entire world,” said the prime minister. He remembered how mobile phones were once imported into India but are now exported to foreign nations.

The Prime Minister stated, “It is our determination that India becomes ‘Viksti Bharat’ by 2047. The Prime Minister declared that India was prepared to make a huge leap forward and stop looking back.

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