Delhi: Shraddha's murder shocked the entire nation

Police have some leads, but they still need to locate Shraddha’s skull, murder weapon, and mobile phone.

Police have some leads, but they still need to locate Shraddha's skull, murder weapon, and mobile phone.

Police have some leads, but they still need to locate Shraddha’s skull, murder weapon, and mobile phone.

Why Did Shraddha’s Murder Become So Popular?

Shraddha Walker was murdered on May 18, 2018 by Aftab Amin Poonwala, her live-in relationship partner; the murder occurred six months before the murder became public. What Actually has lead to Shraddha’s Murder?

According to sources, when police questioned Aftab about the reason for the murder. Aftab claimed that on May 18, we were arguing about who would bring the household from Vasai to Delhi, where they previously lived, and it led to a verbal spat. On the same day that he murdered Shraddha, the body was kept at the flat. The next day, Aftab purchased weapons such as a knife and a freezer in order to chop her dead body and store the chopped pieces of Shraddha’s body.

The following day, he took chopped pieces of body from the freezer and threw them in various forest areas, even feeding the chopped pieces to stray animals.

Police Have Some Leads in the Shraddha Murder Investigation as follows:

  • Following the death of Shraddha Walker, police discovered some bones and 35 pieces in the forest area where Aftab claimed he disposed of the chopped piece of Shraddha’s dead body.
  • Police took the bones to a forensic lab to determine if they belonged to any of Shraddha’s animals.
  • Police took blood samples from the kitchen of the Chhatarpur flat and sent them to a lab for analysis.
  • Police have taken DNA samples from Shraddha’s father in order to match the body parts recovered.
  • The police have collected a Rs. 300/- pending water bill, which Aftab may have used to clean up the blood in the flat.
  • Police are attempting to obtain CCTV footage of Chhatarpur flats and surrounding areas, which will be very helpful to investigators. It’s because cops are looking for video from May 18th.
  • Shraddha’s bag was discovered, but it was left to be confirmed by Shraddha’s family members whether it belonged to her or not.
  • Narco Test for Aftab has been assigned to investigation officers. It will be critical for police to determine whether Aftab is telling the truth or attempting to derail the investigation.
  • Police discovered that Aftab had visited a doctor in May after being injured while cutting fruits, but the injury was minor as per doctor’s statement.
  • Aftab transferred Rs. 54,000/- from Shraddha’s bank account app.

Police are still looking for some missing clues in the murder

1. Police are looking for Shraddha’s skull and cell phone.

2. The clothes designed by Shraddha and Aftab.

3. The clothing was thrown into a moving garbage truck.

What is alleged accuser Aftab Amin Poonawala to have said?

When Shraddha’s father gave police a request letter stating that Shraddha went with Aftab’s live-in relationship partner, her father attempted to contact her via calls and messages, but her social accounts went silent, her phone was not working, and she is missing.

Aftab was summoned by Maharashtra Police to be questioned. Aftab claimed that he hasn’t spoken to Shraddha in a long time, and that she left the flat on May 22nd. However, police discovered a transaction of Rs:54,000/- made from Shraddha’s bank account on May/26th.

During the investigation, police discovered that Shraddha’s Instagram account had access in the Chhatarpur flat, but Aftab claimed that she took her phone with her on May 22nd. The police discovered Instagram access and a bank transaction in the Chhatarpur area.

He then told the police that he killed Shraddha while she was being forced to marry him. Aftab claimed he made the decision to murder her on the same day. On May 18th, Aftab and Shraddha fought over who would transport their furniture from their previous home in Vasai.Aftab told police that he murdered Shraddha and dismembered her body into 35 pieces, and that he used to Google how to hide all the evidence.

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