UAE cuts work, residency visa process from 30 to five days

UAE reduces visa processing time from 30 to 5 days.

UAE reduces visa processing time from 30 to 5 days.

The UAE has also reduced the number of required documents for visa applications from 16 to five, simplifying the process and making it more efficient for applicants.

The Work Bundle streamlines procedures for various government entities, including the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE), Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security (ICP), Dubai Health

This initiative is a substantial step towards reducing bureaucratic hurdles and improving the efficiency of government services.

The Work Bundle service, offered on a unified digital platform—, is designed to streamline and expedite procedures for private sector companies. The platform provides essential employment and residency .This platform is a pivotal tool in the UAE’s ongoing efforts to enhance service delivery and reduce administrative burdens.

By integrating various services into one platform, the UAE cuts work, residency visa process dramatically. The platform is expected to save approximately 62 million working hours previously spent visiting and following up on transactions at government offices. Additionally, it will eliminate 25 million government procedures and 12 million visits, while also reducing costs for both the public and private sectors.

The Work Bundle, launched in March, was initially made available to Dubai-based companies in its first phase. The success of this initial rollout has paved the way for the broader implementation across the country. This second phase marks a significant milestone in the UAE’s digital transformation journey, emphasizing efficiency and ease of access to critical services.

How does the Work Bundle reduce time?

The UAE cuts work, residency visa process through several streamlined measures:

  1. Service Platforms Consolidation: Five service platforms have been reduced to a single platform, significantly simplifying the process.
  2. Step Reduction: The process has been condensed from 15 steps to just five steps, needing only five documents instead of the previous 16.
  3. Service Simplification: Eight required services have been integrated into one single platform.
  4. Visit Reduction: The number of required visits has been reduced from seven to two.
  5. Processing Time Reduction: The time to complete a visa and work permit application has been reduced from 30 days to just five working days.

These measures ensure that the UAE cuts work, residency visa process effectively, making it more convenient for companies and individuals alike.

Work Bundle Services

The Work Bundle offers a comprehensive suite of services to support various employment and residency needs. The services include:

  1. Hiring a New Employee at a Company: This service facilitates the seamless onboarding of new employees.
  2. Issuing New Work Permit: Companies can quickly obtain work permits for their employees.
  3. Requesting a Status Adjustment: This allows for changes in employment status to be processed efficiently.
  4. Issuing a Visa: The streamlined process for obtaining residency visas.
  5. Issuing Employment Contract: Ensures that employment contracts are issued promptly.
  6. Issuing Emirates ID and Residency: Simplifies the process of obtaining an Emirates ID and residency.
  7. Medical Examination Services: Facilitates the required medical examinations for residency.
  8. Renewing Work Contract: Streamlines the renewal process for work contracts.
  9. Renewing Worker’s Employment Contract: Simplifies the renewal process for existing employment contracts.
  10. Renewing Emirates ID and Residency: Ensures timely renewal of Emirates ID and residency.
  11. Medical Examination Services (Renewal): Facilitates the renewal of medical examination services for residency.
  12. Cancelling Worker’s Employment: Streamlines the process of cancelling employment.
  13. Cancelling Work Permit: Simplifies the process of cancelling work permits.
  14. Cancelling Residency: Facilitates the cancellation of residency permits.

Impact on the Business Community

The UAE cuts work, residency visa process to significantly benefit the business community. By reducing the time and paperwork required, companies can focus more on their core activities rather than administrative tasks. The streamlined process also enhances the UAE’s attractiveness as a business destination, promoting economic growth and investment.

The reduction from 30 to five days in processing time is particularly noteworthy. This drastic cut underscores the UAE’s commitment to efficiency and innovation. Businesses can now onboard new employees, adjust statuses, and manage visas and permits with unprecedented speed and ease.

Furthermore, the reduction in required documents from 16 to five simplifies the application process, making it less cumbersome and more user-friendly. This change is part of the broader UAE initiative to create a more business-friendly environment and to position itself as a global leader in digital governance.


In summary, the UAE cuts work, residency visa process through the introduction of the Work Bundle, which is a significant advancement in the country’s efforts to streamline government services. By reducing the number of required documents and processing time, the UAE is making a substantial impact on the efficiency of its administrative processes.

The Work Bundle, by integrating multiple services into a single platform, exemplifies the UAE’s forward-thinking approach to governance. The dramatic reduction in time and paperwork required is a testament to the country’s commitment to enhancing service delivery and reducing bureaucratic obstacles.

As the UAE continues to implement and refine these digital solutions, it sets a benchmark for other countries aiming to improve their administrative efficiency. The UAE cuts work, residency visa process, making it a model for innovation and efficiency in government services.

Overall, the Work Bundle represents a transformative step in the UAE’s journey towards a more streamlined, efficient, and business-friendly environment. The significant reductions in time, steps, and required documents underscore the UAE’s dedication to making its administrative processes as efficient as possible.

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