Everything on the internet goes viral now a day and that’s how this “Delhi Metro Bikini Girl” has gone viral and is now on the news headlines.

In the past few days, a video and photo of a girl went viral; in the video and photo the location was a metro train and the girl was seen wearing clothes that revealed most of her body, just like a bikini does and that’s how the girl got the name “bikini girl”. And the metro she was in is the Delhi metro and that’s how “Delhi Metro” got into the picture.

The video that went viral showed a girl in a mini skirt and bra-type top, the outfit that girl was wearing revealed her skin more which was not accepted by many. People brought up an issue saying such kind of dressing in public places is not acceptable.

Netizens took the issue to the Twitter platform and spoke about it; there they took sides and there were hot arguments all over the comment section.

Some supported the girl calling saying that everyone should be given the freedom to wear whatever they are comfortable in; she is tagged bold and was appreciated for her daring move.

While on the other hand, many are criticizing the girl for dressing inappropriately in a public place like Metro. Some are seen taking this as a chance to point out feminism. People called her “sasta Urfi Javed” and commented that she is taking inspiration from Urfi Javed.

Some netizens in rage tagged Delhi Metro’s official page and called out them for allowing people to travel with “inappropriate clothing”. The metro management was asked to take action against the girl and was asked why no one stopped the girl at the entrance itself.

Two days after the issue, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) responded and made a statement. DMRC stated that passengers using the service should be modest in their dress and not wear anything that makes other passengers uncomfortable. The dressing of any passenger is supposed to not hurt any passenger’s sensibilities.

DMRC also made statements that declared the action a crime, which means anyone will be taken into custody if a passenger complains. And after this issue, the surveillance also got tight in the metro.

Security and monitoring are also made strict and anyone caught in act of doing anything against the guidelines will be taken under control.

After days of the issue, slowly the girl in the video came into the limelight. The girl in the viral videos was, Rhythm Channa. Rhythm Channa stated that she hails from a traditional family and that her dress sense always puts her at odds with both family and society.

Rhythm also mentioned that her dressing is her own choice and is not influenced by anyone, she also stated that she doesn’t let anyone’s opinion affect her lifestyle. Channa also opened up about how she was always threatened by her neighbors in regard to her dress sense.

When she was told about the Delhi Metro’s statement against her viral videos, she pointed them out questioning how they could allow videography in the metro when their policy says no videography.

She also boldly challenged them saying that if they are to take action against her then they’ll also have to take action against the one who shot the video and clicked the pictures.

Different people are having different views about this matter. So let us see where this will go and how it will end.

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