Beneficiaries of TIDCO Jagananna Colonies make a pleading on December 5th.

Beneficiaries of TIDCO Jagananna Colonies make a pleading on December 5th.

TIDCO houses will be built in Jagananna colonies for Rs. 5 lakh each, with the Communist Party of India, Andhra Pradesh demanding immediate takeover on December 5th. According to CPI Secretary K. Ramakrishna, the party will issue appeals to officials across the state under the auspices of agricultural labour unions.

K. Ramakrishna has issued a statement in this regard “Providing housing for the poor”.

The state government has decided to build houses in those areas under the name Jagananna colonies. For cities, poor housing in hills, ponds, and floodplains far from work areas. Beneficiaries are facing many difficulties to build houses in those areas due to allocation.

A single cent of land was designated as unfit for human habitation. House plots should be allocated at a rate of 2 cents per square metre in urban areas and 8 cents per square metre in rural areas.

It is worth noting that the CPI demanded. In those colonies, there are no roads, drainage, electricity, and drinking water. Such infrastructure has not previously existed too.

Jaganmohan Reddy’s promised that the houses will be built by the government and the government will be giving Rs. 1,80,000, and the beneficiaries must build their own houses, leaving lobbyists in limbo. The state government’s grant of Rs.1,80,000 is insufficient to build a house. As a result, the CPI is demanding Rs.5 lakh per house.

Also, despite the fact that lakhs of TIDCO houses have been built across the state for beneficiaries, the Jaganmohan Reddy government is taking the same stance on whether or not it should be taken over. The nest will be finished.

Money lenders who took loans and made deposits in the hope of getting TIDCO houses have been waiting for three years.

Immediate infrastructure provision for TIDCO houses has to be provided and beneficiaries needs to take possession. Demanding that TIDCO houses be given at a rate of Rs.5lakhs per house for house construction in Jagananna colonies.

On December 5, mandals in all districts across the state will submit petitions to concerned authorities, along with lobbyists at the town and city levels, under the auspices of agricultural labour unions.

Beneficiaries of Jagananna colonies and TIDCO houses will participate in the program to be held on December 5. We call upon them to submit their applications to the concerned authorities.

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