K-pop boy band, ASTRO member Moonbin passes away at 25.

Speaking about K-pop always drives us to the cute, handsome, pretty, and mesmerizing singers and dancers, but on the dark side, there is an untold story of the pain those smiley faces have buried deep down behind them. K-artists’ suicides are something that’ll explain the pain they might have endured.

Moonbin, an active member of the boy band ASTRO and a dear to many, was declared dead on April 19, 2023. The shocking news of his passing away was confirmed by the group’s record label, Fantagio in a statement on its official social media page. The news was expressed to be heart-breaking by the label.

The label’s statement was in Korean and later translated into other languages. And the statement meant – (a few changes are made to make the translation more understandable and connective)

This is Fantagio.

First of all, I would like to state my apologies for bringing such heart-shattering and heartbreaking news to you.

On April 19, Astro member, Moonbin left us suddenly to become a star in the sky.

It cannot be compared to the sadness of the bereaved family who lost a beloved member of their family who was also a great son and brother, but the other Astro members who have been there with Moonbin for a long time, also fellow Fantagio artists and executives are more than just sad. We are deeply mourning the deceased in great shock and sadness.

It shatters my heart to deliver such a piece of shockingly sudden news to his loving fans and well-wishers who have always supported the star and sent him their generous love. Knowing how Moonbin always loved his fans and thought about them like nobody else breaks my heart even more.

We, team Fantagio earnestly ask and request fans to refrain from speculative and malicious reports and help the bereaved family in reverently commemorating and greeting their beloved lost soul one final time.

The funeral will be held as quietly as possible as requested by the family with the presence of all family, friends, and company colleagues.

I send my deepest condolences to the beloved Moonbin on his final journey, one last time.

Moonbin was found dead in his apartment in Seoul by his manager on April 19. When the news broke out, police said they suspect it to be suicide, which meant Moonbin choose to take an extreme step and ended his life. But further investigation and autopsy are supposed to happen in order for the actual cause of death to be known.

The news of Moonbin’s death came out as a shock, and fans are still trying to acknowledge and accept the news. Moonbin being a public figure earned so much love for himself but also got hatred that he did not deserve. It is heartbreaking that people are cruel enough to know the consequences and still speak something hurtful. Let us hope that Moonbin’s journey to his destination is safe and that he is finally in peace.

You are valid and your life matters. No one is allowed to take you down not talk you down; it is you who knows what you are and what you’ve gone through to be where you are today. So please, stay strong and keep fighting, because one day it will all get better just how we want it to be.

Keep going, we are rooting for you with our fingers crossed. And if you ever feel unstable, please speak to someone or seek help; your life is valid and you are too. Thank you for being here – keep supporting us at https://tvbharat24.com/.

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