Manipur violence 2023

Manipur violence 2023

Manipur violence 2023

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The dominant Meitei population of the Imphal Valley and the neighbouring tribal group, which includes the Kuki and Zo peoples, engaged in an ethnic conflict on May 3, 2023, in the north-eastern state of Manipur in India. By June 14th, the violence had claimed at least 98 lives and injured over 300 more.

The conflict arises from the Meitei people’s long-standing need for Scheduled Tribe designation under the Indian Constitution, which would grant them rights equivalent other tribal tribes.The state administration was required to give a decision on the case within four weeks by an order from the Manipur High Court in April.  The tribal groups reacted angrily to the Meitei demand. On May 3, the All-Tribal Student Union of Manipur (ATSUM) held a solidarity march across all hill districts. Clashes erupted at the end of March between the Meitei and Kuki communities in and around the Churachandpur district, which borders the Imphal Valley.

Manipur violence 2023
Manipur violence 2023

To restore law and order, the Indian Army flew in around 10,000 troops and paramilitary personnel. The Indian Penal Code’s Section 144 was invoked, and the state’s internet services were suspended for five days. Orders to “shoot on sight” were handed to the Indian army in “extreme cases” to enforce the curfew.

A commission led by a former Chief Justice will examine the violence, while a peace group led by Governor and security advisor Kuldeep Singh, as well as representatives of civil society, will be formed. The Central Bureau of examination (CBI) will investigate six instances including conspiracy in the violence, guaranteeing a fair examination into the core reasons.

Manipur violence 2023
Manipur violence 2023

Throughout the Conflict

On June 16, amid the ongoing unrest in Manipur, there were reports of intense gunfire exchanges between law enforcement officers and criminals in the state’s Kwakta and Kangvai region, according to sources.

A few miscreants with automatic weapons continued to shoot until 9:15 p.m. on June 16 with an estimated 400–500 shots fired, according to sources. Around 9.45 p.m., the shooting resumed.

BJP (Women’s) President Sharda Devi’s home in Porampet, Imphal West, was reportedly targeted by a large mob of over 300 persons at approximately midnight, however the army was able to disperse the group and avert any trouble.

According to reports, there have also been instances of mobs congregating near the properties of government officials, carrying out vandalism, and setting things on fire.

According to sources, an arson attempt occurred at Palace Compound near Advance Hospital around 6 pm, and a crowd of about 1000 people gathered nearby. With few reported injuries to bystanders, the Rapid Action Force attempted to disperse the throng by firing tear gas and rubber bullets.

Additionally, there were allegations of a crowd of about 300 people forming near Manipur University and an attempt to rob Imphal West’s Iringbam Police Station.

externally 200 to 300 individuals gathered outside the government property, according to reports, in an effort to attack the BJP office, but the army was able to clear away the mob, according to sources.

Manipur violence 2023
Manipur violence 2023

The Government’s Reaction

The Indian government has sent hundreds of security troops to Manipur to stop the unrest. In addition, the authorities enforced a curfew in some regions and halted internet connectivity. However, the violence has continued, and there have been reports of battles between security personnel and indigenous populations.

The Effects of Violence

Manipur’s people have been devastated by the bloodshed. Hundreds of people have been slain, and hundreds have been forced to flee their homes. Homes, businesses, and schools have also been damaged because of the violence. The violence has also had a significant influence on Manipur’s economy. Tourism has plummeted, and several businesses have had to close.

What Happens Next?

When the violence in Manipur will cease is unknown. The administration has stated that it is dedicated to seeking a peaceful settlement, but tribal tribes are asking that the government reverse its decision to award the Meitei people Scheduled Tribe status.

The violence in Manipur has revealed the fundamental differences between the Meitei and tribal populations. It is critical that the administration resolve these issues and create a more peaceful future for the state.

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