National Anti-Obesity Day

National Anti-Obesity Day

National Anti-Obesity Day

Every year in the month of November 26th, celebrated the national Anti-Obesity Day, to build information of threat of obesity and avoidance of the pandemic.

Experts says, Obesity its very slow pandemic and especially the childhood obesity must be careful.

National Anti-Obesity Day

Every year in the month of November 26th, celebrated the national Anti-Obesity Day, to build information of threat of obesity and avoidance of the pandemic.

In the last 15 to 20 years the obesity is increasing in the modern life style and it’s also very slow pandemic. According to the Dr Shyam Sundar C.M.A Consultant Endocrinology and Diabetology.

In modern life we have been sitting at one place almost a day without moving fewer steps form outside of our homes. Which leads to risk of obesity its very risky and also lead to other health complications too. Sitting at one place without moving for long time, its almost equivalent with smoking, Doctor Shyam Sundar said.

In these modern day’s lifestyle, the biggest challenges Obesity and Over-weight. said Dr Chaitra Krishnagiri, Chief Pathologist, SRL Diagnostics, Bangalore.   

Having junk food creating more and more obese to the people, which leads to the obesity the eating habits of junk food can multiple your health illness such as Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and Cardiac Disease. Dr Chaitra said.

Childhood obesity is really very slow pandemic and really very challenging condition to deal with, due to obsessed with junk food and getting overweight and rapidly increasing in the children.

Since 3years most of the children has seen increasing childhood obesity because of online school, increase in junk food consumption and no physical activities due to sitting all time at home without playing outside games. As a parent, take care and need to cut down the sugar and salt levels in food and maintain regular diet, Dr Chaitra said.

Obesity has explained into various definitions, for example increase the body cholesterol therefore weight will quite high for comparing to height. Depends upon the diet and stress in modern life. According to the sources Asians, are facing more problem with obesity. Dr Shyam Sundar Said.

One more definition is your Body Mass Index might be low comparing to your Body Mass Index waist is high in males and females. (For Example: having leaned body but with bigger tummy).

National Anti-Obesity Day

Even if your weight is normal for your height and still has a BMI below 23, an increase in your abdominal circumference is considered obesity. So, obesity is not just about your weight, but your abdominal circumference is also a marker of obesity, says Dr Shyam Sundar   

Obesity has different health indications. Cirrhosis and Liver Failure may be occurred if the fatty depositions to the liver.

Which also increases resistance to insulin action. So, when the pancreas eventually burns out of secretion it constantly secreting excessive amounts of insulin. Then one gets diabetes.

One more definition of the Obesity may also lead to obstructive sleep Apnea condition. We see most of the people snor, but no one has any idea why they face problems of snoring when they sleep. Due to obesity, the people may have more snoring. Which has further health complications like increasing the risk of Cardiac Arrest, Diabetes Mellitus and increasing Blood Pressure.

In females also effects reproductive function, might cause a development in the testosterone levels, leads to unusual hair growth, PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and Oligomenorrhea (Irregularities in the Menstrual Cycle).

In men facing problems like lesser testosterone levels and it will lead to reduce of erectile dysfunction and Libido.

Increasing of obesity and over weight may also affects the bones joints, putting more pressure on ankles and knees leads to osteoarthritis, Dr Shyam Sundar explained.

So, its very clean instruction would be, try to move from the place you are sitting at place for long time after working 25minutes, to stretch your body. Take some break go out for a walk and then back to work. Is only simplest method to block the increase of obesity and other health complications, Dr Shyam Sundar said 

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