NEET-UG row: 5 arrested in Bihar, probe transferred to CBI.

NEET-UG row: 5 arrested in Bihar, probe transferred to CBI.

NEET-UG row: 5 arrested in Bihar, probe transferred to CBI.

Earlier in the day, the CBI filed an FIR concerning the NEET “paper leak” following a reference from the Union Education Ministry. This action comes amid nationwide protests and litigation by students demanding a thorough investigation into the allegations. The NEET-UG paper leak has sparked widespread outrage and calls for accountability, as students and parents express their concerns over the integrity of the examination process.

The controversy began when reports surfaced of the NEET-UG question papers being leaked prior to the examination. The news quickly spread, leading to demonstrations and legal petitions from students who feared their future prospects could be jeopardized by the compromised exam. The Union Education Ministry’s decision to involve the CBI underscores the seriousness of the allegations and the government’s commitment to ensuring a fair and transparent investigation.

As the CBI takes over the probe, it will investigate the extent of the leak, identify those responsible, and determine any potential lapses in the examination process. This move aims to restore confidence in the NEET-UG exam and address the concerns of the affected students. The developments are being closely monitored, and further actions are anticipated based on the findings of the CBI investigation.

NEET-UG Row: Bihar Transfers Case to CBI Amid Rising Concerns

This move comes in response to widespread outrage and demands for a thorough investigation into the reported paper leak. The CBI’s involvement is expected to provide a more comprehensive probe into the matter.

Arrests and Developments

The decision to transfer the case followed significant developments by the Economic Offences Unit (EOU) of the Bihar Police. The EOU recently arrested five additional suspects from Deoghar in Jharkhand on Saturday, bringing the total number of apprehended individuals to 18. The arrested individuals have been identified as Baldev Kumar, Mukesh Kumar, Panku Kumar, Rajeev Kumar, and Paramjeet Singh, all from Nalanda.

CBI FIR and National Protests

Earlier in the day, the CBI filed a First Information Report (FIR) concerning the NEET-UG “paper leak” following a referral from the Union Education Ministry. This action comes amid nationwide protests and litigation from students who demand a transparent investigation into the allegations. The Union Education Ministry’s decision to refer the case to the CBI underscores the gravity of the situation and the need for a credible investigative body to address these concerns.

Government Notification

The Bihar Home Department, through its notification, granted consent for the CBI to investigate the FIR dated June 5, registered at the Shastrinagar Police Station in Patna. The FIR pertains to the irregularities in the NEET-UG 2024 examination held on May 5. The charges include sections 407, 408, 409, and 120B of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), which deal with criminal breach of trust and conspiracy.

Implications and Expectations

The involvement of the CBI is anticipated to bring a higher level of scrutiny and expertise to the investigation. Students, parents, and educators across the country are watching closely, hoping that the central agency will uncover the truth behind the alleged paper leak and ensure that justice is served. The integrity of the NEET-UG examination process is crucial, as it is a gateway for students aspiring to enter medical colleges in India.

EOU Statement

In a statement, the EOU detailed the recent arrests and their significance in the ongoing investigation. The arrests of Baldev Kumar, Mukesh Kumar, Panku Kumar, Rajeev Kumar, and Paramjeet Singh are considered crucial in understanding the broader network involved in the paper leak. The EOU has been actively working to identify and apprehend those responsible, but the transfer of the case to the CBI marks a significant shift in the investigative process.


The transfer of the NEET-UG irregularities case to the CBI represents a critical step towards resolving the controversy and restoring faith in the examination system. As the CBI begins its investigation, there is a collective hope that the truth will emerge, ensuring that such incidents do not undermine the future of deserving students. The developments in this case will be closely monitored as the central agency takes over and continues the probe initiated by the EOU.

The Mukhiya gang, known for orchestrating multiple interstate paper leaks, was implicated as the source of the leaked answer sheet.

Standard NTA procedures for handling and transporting question papers were allegedly disregarded.

A manhunt is underway to capture Mukhiya and his gang members. Rajeev Kumar, Panku Kumar, and Paramjeet Singh were arrested for providing duplicate SIMs, phones, and accommodation to Baldev Kumar and his associates in Deoghar. Mukesh Kumar, a taxi driver, was also arrested for facilitating transport within Patna.

The EOU has scrutinized 15 identified aspirants, questioning four so far. The NEET-UG exam, conducted on May 5 for 24 lakh candidates, has faced calls for cancellation due to these irregularities. However, Union Education Ministry officials have stated that the malpractices were “localized” and should not jeopardize the careers of candidates who rightfully cleared the exam.

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