Russia to release Indians involved in Ukraine war.

Russia to release Indians involved in Ukraine war.

Russia to release Indians involved in Ukraine war.

Nearly two dozen Indians are believed to have been coerced into participating in the war against Ukraine after being deceived by agents who promised lucrative job opportunities in the country. These individuals were reportedly misled under false pretenses, highlighting a tragic exploitation of their aspirations. The situation underscores the vulnerability of migrant workers who seek better prospects abroad but fall victim to fraudulent schemes. As efforts intensify to secure their release and ensure their well-being, this incident serves as a stark reminder of the dangers faced by individuals pursuing employment abroad, necessitating stronger safeguards against such exploitation and deception.

New Delhi/Moscow: In a significant development, Russia has agreed to release and facilitate the return of all Indians who were coerced into fighting for the Russian army in Ukraine. This breakthrough came after Prime Minister Narendra Modi raised the issue with President Vladimir Putin during his ongoing two-day visit to Moscow, sources confirmed on Tuesday.

Here are ten key points about the situation and developments:

  1. Background of the Issue: Nearly two dozen Indians were reportedly tricked by agents who promised them high-paying jobs in Ukraine, only to find themselves conscripted into the conflict.
  2. Prime Minister’s Intervention: PM Modi brought up the matter during a private dinner hosted by President Putin on Monday evening, marking a crucial diplomatic effort to resolve the issue.
  3. Indian Government’s Action: Since March, the Indian government has been actively pursuing the release of these individuals, describing the recruitment tactics as deceptive and illegal.
  4. Casualties and Returns: Reports indicate that four Indians have tragically lost their lives in the conflict, while ten have managed to return to India.
  5. Public Outcry and Social Media Appeal: Some of the Indian recruits had posted videos on social media recounting their predicament, urging the Indian government to intervene and secure their release.
  6. Foreign Ministry’s Assurance: India’s Foreign Ministry has reiterated its commitment to bringing back the deceived recruits and has taken stringent action against the agents responsible for their recruitment under false pretenses.
  7. Diplomatic Engagement: Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar has been actively engaging with Russian authorities to resolve the issue, emphasizing its deep concern for India.
  8. Strategic Partnership Concerns: India has stressed that such recruitment practices are not in alignment with the bilateral diplomatic relations between India and Russia, calling for an immediate halt to such activities.
  9. Prime Minister’s Visit: PM Modi’s visit to Moscow, amid the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, underscores India’s diplomatic efforts to navigate its relationships both with Russia and Western allies.
  10. Upcoming Bilateral Talks: During his visit, PM Modi is scheduled to hold bilateral discussions with President Putin and participate in the 22nd India-Russia summit, aiming to strengthen ties and address mutual concerns.

Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Russia amid the Ukraine crisis reflects India’s nuanced approach to international diplomacy, balancing longstanding alliances with the pursuit of global peace and stability.

The resolution to release and repatriate Indians caught in the conflict is not only a diplomatic success but also a humanitarian relief for their families and loved ones back in India.

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