There is no new curfew action in Mumbai; it is a regular order. Know more about the misconception (2)

There is no new curfew action in Mumbai it is a regular order. Know more about the misconception.

There is no new curfew action in Mumbai it is a regular order

There is no new curfew action in Mumbai it is a regular order. Know more about the misconception.

According to the sources concerning limitations and bans imposed by the Mumbai Police make headlines. However, very few individuals are aware that these are renewals of the same order, which was originally placed, every 15 days. The police allegedly issued a press release on December 2 restricting gatherings of more than four to five individuals and forbidding the use of loudspeakers until January 2.

When the media reached out to the Mumbai Police, they learned that this is an order that is renewed every 15 days, and that it has currently been renewed till December 17. Later, the order for the following 15 days will be taken into account. As a result, there isn’t yet an order in place that sets curbs until January 2. According to a press statement from the Mumbai Police, the city would be subject to restrictions from December 3 to December 17.

“Only a “jamao bandi,” which is renewed every 15 days, is offered from December 3 to December 17. This makes a group of four to five people illegal “explained a police officer. The Mumbai Police also clarified in a statement,

“The usual directives that the Mumbai Police issue year-round are listed above.”

This uncertainty followed the passing of a similar order not the first time. When the usual order of unlawful assembly under the Maharashtra Police Act was repeated on October 25, a comparable situation occurred. Confusion was caused by the order copy’s release.

What is the judicial decision?

The Maharashtra Police Act forbids any gathering of more than four persons in Mumbai. Section 37 of the Act authorises the issuance of the 15-day prohibitory orders.

“Mumbai is subject to prohibitory orders under section 37 of the Maharashtra Police Act that limit gatherings to five people, forbid processions, and forbid the use of loudspeakers, music bands, or the setting off of fireworks. burials and weddings are exempt, “based on the sources.

Nothing or anyone is significantly impacted by this directive. Police similarly wait to act until a gathering result in a law-and-order crisis. The accused is additionally charged with violations of the Maharashtra Police Act if there is a commotion, unrest, or “law and order issue.”

In addition, the Bombay Police Act of 1951 gives commissioners and district magistrates the authority to impose restraining orders to stop unrest.

In accordance with the Act, “the Commissioner and the District Magistrate in areas under their respective charges, may whenever and for such time as he shall consider necessary for the preservation of public peace or public safety by a notification publicly promulgated or addressed to individuals, prohibit at any town, village, or place or in the vicinity of any such town, village, or place…

Authorities may impose prohibitions under this Act on things like “delivery of harangues, the use of gestures or mimetic representations,” “carrying of arms, cudgels, swords, spears, bludgeons, guns, knives, poles or lathis,” and “public uttering of cries, singing of songs, playing of music.”

Don’t be alarmed the next time you read a new news about limitations being placed on social gatherings. It might simply be a fresh directive from the Mumbai Police to maintain citywide tranquilly.

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