Three individuals arrested for the gang rape of a Spanish woman in Dumka, Jharkhand.

Three individuals arrested for the gang rape of a Spanish woman in Dumka, Jharkhand.

Three individuals arrested for the gang rape of a Spanish woman in Dumka, Jharkhand.

In a distressing incident, a Spanish woman was reportedly subjected to a gang rape in the Hansdiha police station area of Dumka, Jharkhand, late Friday night.

The heinous crime has shocked the local community and raised concerns about the safety of women in the region. Authorities swiftly responded to the incident, with three individuals being apprehended in connection with the case.

The victim, a foreign national, is receiving medical attention and support. Police officials have assured a thorough investigation to bring the perpetrators to justice.

This appalling act highlights the urgent need for measures to ensure the safety and security of women in vulnerable situations.
A senior officer from the state police headquarters has confirmed the distressing incident but stated that they are unable to provide further details at this time.

According to sources, the Spanish woman was on a tour of India with her husband. On Friday night, they were traveling to Bhagalpur via Dumka on a motorcycle. Around midnight, they stopped at a location known as Kunji-Kurumahat near Hansdiha market. It was then that a group of eight to ten individuals reportedly arrived and subjected the woman to a brutal gang rape. The couple was also assaulted during the horrific ordeal.

The victim was rushed to a hospital late in the night, with Dumka SP Pitambar Singh Kherwar personally attending to the situation. Three individuals have been detained for questioning in connection with the crime.

Reports suggest that the couple had traveled to Dumka in Jharkhand from Spain, making their way through Pakistan and Bangladesh.

This harrowing incident has sent shockwaves through the local community and highlights the urgent need for improved safety measures, particularly for women travelers. Authorities are working swiftly to ensure justice for the victim and hold the perpetrators accountable for their reprehensible actions.

The victim and her husband, traumatized by the assault, are receiving medical care and support as investigations into the crime continue. The details of the incident have sparked outrage and calls for increased vigilance and protection for travelers, especially those from foreign countries.

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