india launched its first private rocket Vikram-S, PRarambh-Mission

Today, India launched its first private rocket, which flew for five minutes and carried two Indian and one international payload.

india launched its first private rocket Vikram-S, Prarambh-Mission

Skyroot Aerospace of Hyderabad launched Vikram-S today from the “Sri Hari Kota” launch pad on behalf of Mission Prarambh, with ISRO support. The rocket reached an altitude of 81.5 kilometers before splashing down in the Bay of Bengal.

India, Bengaluru: Skyroot Aerospace, with the assistance of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), launched India’s First Private Rocket from the Sriharikota launch pad on Friday, November 18, 2022, at 11:30 a.m. A Prarambh is a historic Mission (The Beginning). The Vikram -S (VKS) rocket tested and certified its technology by flying three client payloads.

The Vikram – S traveled 81.5 miles in the atmosphere before crashing into the Bay of Bengal. According to the rocket’s performance, Skyroot Aerospace of Hyderabad became the first private company in India to launch a rocket.

The prarambh mission Vikram – S launch was supported and authorized by IN – Space, ISRO’s new regulatory body charged with providing ISRO resource support to domestic commercial companies.

india launched its first private rocket Vikram-S, PRarambh-Mission

The single-stage sub-orbital rocket weighed 545 kg before launch. Is powered by the Kalam 80 propulsion system developed by the firm.

According to sources, Skyroot announced the mission prarambh profile on Twitter during the launch. The rocket carried three payloads weighing 80 kg each from customers Space Kidz India, Bazoomq Armenia, and N-Space Tech India.

The payload fairing split off and remained attached to the vehicle as it splashed into the Bay of Bengal rather than being expelled from the rocket’s nose cone, revealing all of the payloads.

Jitendra Singh, the Union’s state minister for science, technology, and earth sciences, stated in a statement on Wednesday that the launch lowers entry barriers, leveling the playing field for low-cost satellite launch services. He went on to say that a space revolution is on the way, thanks to the collaboration of research and development, universities, and industry.

Pawan Kumar Chandhan, the CEO and Co-Founder, publicly admitted to the media that he was “Elated and Yet Nervous.” He stated that their incredible team’s efforts at Skyroot took nearly four years to complete.

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