Ultra-Mega Power Plant Project works at high speed Yadadri tvbharat24

Ultra-Mega Power Plant Project works at high speed: Yadadri

Ultra-Mega Power Plant Project works at high speed: Yadadri

According to the Sources, say that phase one, the Yadadri Power Plant Project, which was launched by CM KCR as soon as Telangana state was formed, the project is expected to complete by September/2023.

Today, Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao going to visit the Yadadri Ultra Mega Power Plant (UMPP), it won’t be a regular checking visit, to monitor the development of a monumental achievement for the State’s Electricity Industry.

The Yadadri Ultra Mega Power Plant Project, which plays a major role in the continuation of the 24/7 free power supply scheme, Sources say that the project will start in September/2023. This project was one of the most ambitious steps taken by CM K Chandrasekhar Rao immediately after the formation of Telangana state . This ultra-mega power plant project is billed as the largest thermal plant in the public sector with a 4000 megawatt (MW). These Ultra-mega power plant station with an estimated cost of Rs 29,992 crores in Nalgonda, Damaracharla mandal.

Bharat Heavy Electrical Limited (BHEL) has been gained the construction contract for this ultra-mega power plant, which will consist of 5 units of 800 Mega Walls each. Officials estimate that Telangana state will not have any power deficit after the construction of this power plant.

Ultra-Mega Power Plant Project works at high speed: Yadadri

Officials of the Telangana State Power Generation Corporation (TSGENCO) said that the first unit will start generating electricity in September 2023, while the second unit is expected to start in December. The remaining 2 units will be commissioned in 2024.

According to the sources the Genco Official said, the project works very speeding up, 62% of the construction have been completed. Yadadri power plant is the thirst thermal plant, engaged after the Telangana formation. In kothagudem, Genco has launched the 800-MW plant at Kothagudem Power plant within 46 months. The project has started in 2019, Afterwards the Bhadradri Power Plant came up near Bayyaram at Bhadradri Kothagudem District.

The state government is going to construct a new advanced power plant complete with thermal and hydel power plants so that the state of Telangana does not depend on anyone for electricity in the coming period. It is reported that these plants are going to be thermal and hydel power plants with better transmission and supply network.
In Telangana state, an ultra-mega power plant which is constructing in Nalgonda, Damaracharla district will be developed as a major hub to meet Telangana’s electricity needs in the future. Apart from 4000-MV there is provision for another 4000 MV area. According to the sources A power plant has been developed at a strategic location where railway stations are expected importing coal from Singareni Collieries Company Limited. as well as Kakinada Krishnapatnam ports The Yadadri Ultra-Mega Power Plant, power procurement has made agreement in many states like Rajasthan and other states. States can borrow surplus power from each other depending on their needs while exploiting the lag in agricultural activities and consumption.

Telangana State Government has established connectivity with power grids through three separate routes at Warada-Dichipalli, Warangal-Varora and Angul-Palasa. It is also reported that a total of Rs 12,000 crores will be spent on infrastructure development and regularization of the uneven transmission system.

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