10 Deliverable Vegan Food Gifts for Christmas

10 Deliverable Vegan Food Gifts for Christmas

10 Deliverable Vegan Food Gifts for Christmas

10 Deliverable Vegan Food Gifts for Christmas

Go above and beyond a tin of holiday cookies this year. Your foodie friends and family will be delighted by these culinary vegan presents, which range from premium vegan cheese to monthly pint clubs.

Although food presents are sometimes regarded as luxuries, it can occasionally be enjoyable to be the recipient of indulgence. Additionally, a lot of these food presents are durable; baked items may be refrigerated for months, wine subscriptions continue to arrive, and preserves are what they are called when they are made using artisanal jams.

A baked package of cookies is always appreciated, but if you want to go the extra mile this year, any of these enticing vegan food presents will make everyone smile. Here are 10 amazing edible vegan presents for everyone on your list, ranging from exquisite chocolates to vegan meal subscriptions.

What qualifies as a “vegan” gift?

Anyone shopping for a vegan should be aware that many vegans believe their lifestyle encompasses more than just their daily meals. Not all vegans who regard their lifestyle to be a part of who they are make a big deal out of it; they may not bring it up often or wear a “vegan” t-shirt, but they do make an effort to infuse compassion into all they do. These covers giving gifts.

Foods produced without the use of animal products are appropriate as gifts, it should go without saying. What about additional gifts like jewellery, candles, and clothing? Analyzing the ingredients is where you should start, just like with food.

Does it have animal by products in it? You should be wary of components like honey, cashmere, wool, and beeswax. Is the cosmetics or personal care item both vegan and cruelty-free? (Yes, both are necessary). Check out our vegan gift guide for non-food items, but keep reading to find the ideal gift for your vegan (or vegan-curious) foodie friend, relative, or co-worker.

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Vegan Food Presents:

Everyone on your list will be delirious with holiday pleasure after receiving one of these 10 delicious vegan presents.

Pint Club for Vegan Ice Cream:

Delivering ice cream looked absurd before the outbreak. Innovative packaging allows for the overnight transportation of frozen commodities (including dry ice). This idea, which is a little pricey, allows you to support small vegan businesses even if you live five states away (well, it completely is).

Salt and Straw, Nada Moo, Clementine’s Creamery, and Frankie & Jo’s are just a few companies who mail pints of their vegan ice cream; the latter even offers a pint club with a monthly subscription. With any luck, the recipient of your present will share one or two pints.

Delicious Vegan Chocolates

Vegan chocolate is widely available, but if it’s being presented as a gift, it needs to be expensive. We’re talking beautiful wrappings, delicate chocolate art, and sumptuous fillings. There are various luxury vegan chocolatiers out there, but to start, try Laderach, Nhiar Chocolates, La Maison du Chocolat, or Lagusta’s Luscious. Vegan truffles really bring out the merriment of the season—forget candy canes.

Cheese Substituted for Vegans

There have always been vegan cheese addicts ever since vegan cheese transformed from the rubbery substance of the past to the heavenly meal it is now. If there aren’t any vegan cheese stores in your neighbourhood, turn to Sri Mu. Many locally owned vegan cheese companies, like Rebel Cheese in Austin, Texas, provide memberships.

This artisan vegan company—the Ritz Carlton of vegan cheese—offers both memberships and one-time Christmas boxes of the most bizarre, intricate, and delectable cheeses money can buy. You might think we’re exaggerating, but just one bite of this cheese will convince you otherwise.

Wine Vegan Club

Give your recipient a package of well picked vegan wines instead of making them trawl through Barnivore.com. There are a few choices, including the one-time gift option or the wine club with a subscription model. Check out Vegan Wines for its recurring vegan collaborations (think wine and plant-based charcuterie or chocolate) and Wine for a customised subscription, as well as Sip & Share Wines for its virtual SipSerpiences (it comes with a four or seven-wine sampler pack). Cheers!

kits for making cookies at home

Being passionate in decorating but not baking is acceptable. A kit for decorating cookies, cupcakes, or brownies is the ideal present for this person. Consider the gluten-free Gingerbread Men Kit by Erin McKenna or the tempting cupcake, brownie, and sandwich cookie decorating kits from Sticky Fingers Bakery. Don’t feel bad if you discover the materials partially consumed before beginning the assembly. Sticky Fingers has some seriously delicious peanut butter icing.

subscription to a vegan marketplace

With this present, there is a good chance that you may fall down the rabbit hole, so brace yourself. Comparable to entering a store that solely carries vegan goods, virtual vegan markets also have the added draw of an unending scroll.

The choices are fascinating, ranging from novelty goods to regional brands. You may either purchase a gift card or subscription to one of these online shops (we recommend GTFO and PlantBelly), or you can buy a themed and hand-picked assortment of products. This is a no-brainer!

Vegan meal kit

We tested 13 different meal kits in the spring of 2017. You can find a thorough summary of our opinions on everything from frozen and pre-made to do-it-yourself here. We stand by the statement that there is a meal kit for every person, which entails that there is a meal kit for every person on your shopping list.

High-End Vegan Condiments

We are all familiar with the shops—the cosy boutiques stocked with everything you could possibly need, including candles, stationery, and small-batch, artisan-made, locally manufactured jars of jellies, nut butters, and spicy sauce.

Although we have rarely, if ever, bought anything from these places, it doesn’t imply that we don’t inwardly yearn for their goods. Here are a few luxuries to finally add to your shopping cart: Red Pear Preserves with Gingerbread Spice & Molasses from Prospect Jam Co.; achaars and chutneys from Brooklyn Delhi; Tahini Swirl Brownie Baking Kit from Seed+Mill; Tigerwalk Espresso Butter from Big Spoon Roasters; Anne’s trio of flavoured toum sauces; and Holiday Spice Infused Maple Syrups from Runamok.

Vegetarian baked goods

Anyone with even the slightest sweet tooth will swoon over a box of expertly produced vegan baked goods, from a box of quarter-pound cookies to flaky croissants that taste warm from the oven. The VegNews Pink Karma Box from Karma Baker, the Mystical Box from Giselle’s Vegan Kitchen, croissants from L’artisan Creative Bakery, and gigantic loaded vegan cupcakes from Southern Roots Bakery are just a few vegan businesses that have mastered the art of nationwide distribution.

Outstanding coffee or tea

No two coffee grinds are comparable, just as all tea kinds have a unique taste to them. A bag of premium beans or loose-leaf tea is the ideal present for the coffee or tea snob. Check to determine if the favoured coffee or tea store of your recipient sells its own goods first. If not, check out Stereoscope, The Te Spa, or Tradition Coffee Roasters

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