2023 World Hindi Day

2023 World Hindi Day

World Hindi Day 2023: The international community will commemorate World Hindi Day on January 10 of each year. This is being celebrated in order to bring together Hindi enthusiasts worldwide and to raise their awareness of the importance of Hindi.

Despite the fact that English is a widely used language for writing and speaking. However, Hindi is the language of the heart, which is why we can declare with pride, “Hindi Hai Hum.” Every year on January 10th, World Hindi Day is observed to promote Hindi and raise awareness of the Hindi language. The fact that Hindi is a widely used language makes World Hindi Day even more significant. Hindi language professionals located all over the world are linked together in order to promote Hindi at a global level.

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Every year on January 10, a topic is chosen to commemorate World Hindi Day. Making Hindi the language of public opinion without losing the significance of its motherland is the focus of this year’s World Hindi Day in 2023.

Overview of World Hindi Day 

The Indian government announced on January 10, 2006, that January 10 will be World Hindi Day. On January 10, 1975, in Nagpur, the inaugural World Hindi Conference was held thanks to the efforts of the country’s then-prime minister, India Gandhi. It was attended by 122 delegates from 30 different nations. Currently, the World Hindi Conference is being held in nations similar to India, such as Port Louis, Spain, London, New York, and Johannesburg.

Why Hindi Day is distinct from World Hindi Day (World Hindi Day and Hindi Day Difference)

People frequently believe that Hindi Day and World Hindi Day are interchangeable. However, whereas World Hindi Day is observed globally on January 10, Hindi Diwas is observed nationally on September 14. Hindi Day is specifically focused on the recognition of Hindi in India, whereas World Hindi Day primarily focuses on the promotion of the Hindi language. In our nation, there are numerous written and spoken languages. However, after India gained its independence, Hindi was chosen as the official language in an effort to link and unify this multicultural nation.

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