2022, World Human Rights Day

2022, World Human Rights Day

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What does World Human Rights Day imply?

Everybody is encouraged by World Human Rights Day to speak up and take action to stop discrimination in all of its manifestations, whenever and wherever it occurs.

Every year on December 10th, we commemorate and honour those who have fought for and upheld human rights. In 2022, it will be World Human Rights Day. It is also a day to consider the future and determine what must be done to make society more equitable for all.

Even a reward has been developed by the UN, which is given out on World Human Rights Day on a recurring basis. Courageous people who have contributed significantly to the promotion of World Human Rights Day are given the United Nations Prize in the Field of Human Rights. Ten awards, with numerous prize winners, have been given out since the award’s founding in 1968.

World Human Rights Day should be a day of celebration for many people. Of course, more well-known celebrities like Nelson Mandela and regular people and organisations who struggle for human rights are also UN Prize winners.

What do human rights entail?

Human rights are fundamental freedoms. This implies that everyone should be treated fairly and respectfully, regardless of who they are. People shouldn’t be subjected to discrimination because of:

  • gender
  • race
  • how dark their skin is
  • sexual preference
  • religion
  • what nation they were born in

Theme for Human Rights Day 2022:

Human Rights Day has a different topic every year. Previous themes have included Youth Standing Up for Human Rights (2019), Recover Better (2020), Equality (2021), and more.

Dignity, Freedom, and Justice for All will be the focus of Human Rights Day in 2022.

In what year, 2022, is World Human Rights Day?

Every year on December 10—the day the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was ratified by the UN in 1948—we celebrate human rights. This anniversary happens on a Saturday in 2022. How are you going to celebrate?

What makes Human Rights Day special?

The day in 1948 when The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was ratified by the UN is commemorated on Human Rights Day. The UN has been defending the rights and freedoms of people all over the world ever since it was established shortly after World War Two.

A “single standard of success for all peoples and all nations” is what the Declaration of Human Rights was intended to be. The world’s most downloaded document, it has been translated into more than 500 languages!

The creation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was greatly influenced by Eleanor Roosevelt, a former First Lady of the United States. She held the position of Chairperson of the Commission on Human Rights, and she later received the UN Prize for Human Rights.

Celebrations of World Human Rights Day

You can observe World Human Rights Day in your classrooms in a variety of ways. The International Declaration of Human Rights might be the subject of a special assembly or the foundation for your teaching. Why not honour specific people who have supported human rights throughout the years? For some ideas, check out our Human Rights Day materials.

Method for Human Rights Day:

We have a variety of educational and entertaining tools available if you want to teach your kids about Human Rights Day:

Human Rights Day Assembly Pack

To assist you introduce kids to Human Rights Day, this assembly pack comes with a wonderful PowerPoint presentation and a script. The history of human rights, including what they are and why the UN Declaration of Human Rights was written, will be covered in the lesson.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights Lesson Pack –

Ideal for upper primary or lower secondary students, this lesson pack will aid in your instruction of the document. It’s not only interesting and educational, but it may also save you a tone of time.

Why not start the day off right with an entire school celebration? Universal Declaration of Human Rights PowerPoint Children of all primary school ages can learn about human rights by using this PowerPoint presentation on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. As a result, you won’t have to waste time creating resources tailored to various age groups.

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