The sudden surge in covid cases that India has been facing is the country’s current concern. Many questions about this sudden raise in the daily cases arose – the questions of another pandemic are a part of these questions. 

The government is extremely concerned about the reintroduction of covid in India. It has been in the news for some days that India is experiencing an increase in covid19 cases.

There is widespread concern about the possibility of another phase of the covid epidemic. The situation is once again becoming difficult.

If observed we have information that the nation had received a total of 5,880 new cases in the past 24 hrs and now we have 35,199 active cases as per the data. 

A mock drill was announced and on April 10 and 11 all over India. And soon the states where the covid spread rate is high will be seeing new preventive measures in action. 

In the meanwhile, the government had put forward research on why there is this new phase of cases rising. And three reasons for the recent covid cases surge in India are announced – 

  • Low testing rate 
  • Relaxation of covid appropriate behavior
  • The emergence of a new variant of covid 19

According to the Indian Medical Association, these are the three major reasons for the recent surge India is seeing. 

Going deep into the research it is very clear that the new emergent variant of Covid 19 is the main cause of all the new infections. The new variant that is causing this surge is – the XBB 1.16. 

When compared to the earlier versions, XBB.1.16 is far more potent and can even infect a fully vaccinated individual. The amount of mutations in XBB’s spike protein is responsible for its enormous potency. 

Given the rate at which it is spreading, XBB.1.16 should be regarded as the most serious threat.

And as observed, another reason for this is – the relaxation of covid appropriate behavior. People have become less alert and started to live their lives as usual, forgetting about the existence of the virus. 

Any minute negligence in our behavior will give it another chance to put us through a pandemic and so now this is in our hands. It is advisable to restart those forgotten precautions. 

Let’s see them again – better to prevent than to suffer. 

  • Masks are a must, protect yourself from many threats with just a mask. 
  • Carry sanitizers just the way you carry your deodorant. 
  • Maintain social distance. In this busy phase of life, it’s a bit hard but it’s better to maintain social distance to keep yourself safe. 
  • Stay healthy and build your immune system by including all the necessary nutrients in your diet. 
  • Try to help the infected but do not get in contact. 

Stay safe and cautious! The country’s safety is in your hands. 

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