The moment we sigh in relief and exclaim that we are free from covid, we see a new wave rushing for us.

As per the records, on Wednesday i.e., March 22, 2023, the no of newly reported cases was 1,134 which raised the count of active cases to 7,026.

As per the Union health ministry bulletin, the count of newly reported cases in one day hit the highest this year on Wednesday.

This sudden surge in the covid cases alerted India and Prime Minister Narendra Modi called for a high-level emergency meeting to discuss the necessary protocols.

The Prime Minister also mentioned the newly evolving Influenza H2N3 virus and said we might have to prepare for another battle.

Last week, the Centre issued a caution letter to six states of India which saw a comparatively high rise in covid cases. The Union Health and Family Welfare Ministry wrote letters to the states – Maharashtra, Gujarat, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Karnataka, suggesting that the states go for a five-fold strategy of “test, track, treat,” and vaccinations.

The same was repeated by PM Modi and he also suggested that citizens take the situation seriously and start wearing masks, using sanitizer, and maintaining social distancing as much as possible.

The PM also asked the INSACOG aka the Department of Biotechnology to deeply study the genome sequencing of theirs to the new positive sample genomes.

All the state governments are also advised to effectively keep an eye on the IRI/SARI cases, and influenza cases. All the required equipment for smooth diagnosis is to be arranged at the medical centers by the state governments.

State governments are also issued to make sure the required drugs to treat all the related issues are provided in every pharmacy.

In his words, he called this situation “covid – far from over” intending to say that we still got a battle to fight against this virus, and it is not over yet.

In the previous meeting conducted by the health ministry, it was put forward that antibiotics are to be used only if the infection is confirmed. Unnecessary or haphazard usage of antibiotics might lead to coinfection of covid with other native infections.

The citizens are requested to seek immediate medical attention if encounter problems like difficulty in breathing, high fever, severe cough, and any other symptoms.

The Indian government is doing its part in keeping us safe, now as citizens and as a country we have to take measures in keeping ourselves safe. The following are the necessary precautions one should follow to avoid the infection –

  • Wear masks when visiting public places, make sure that the mask covers your mouth and nose.
  • Avoid crowds as much as possible, but in necessary situations ensure having your mask on and sanitize yourself as soon as you get out of the crowd.
  • Do not touch public surfaces and use sanitizer every time you get in contact with a public surface.
  • Maintain social distance when you’re out.
  • Build your immune system by taking a balanced meal with all nutrients available.
  • Try to avoid physical contact with an infected person, be it flu or sough, or corona.
  • Keep your surrounding as clean as possible, and regularly sanitize the places you live in.
  • If any mild symptoms are observed, don’t panic and go for a checkup. Seek a family member’s help in avoiding contact until you are checked.
  • If diagnosed with the virus, stay in quarantine and follow the doctor’s prescription without fail.

Hope you all stay safe out there. Stay safe and keep the country safe.

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